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New World Empires is a grand strategy multi-player online game spanning the exciting period from the start of the Age of Discovery in 1450 to the aftermath of the Napoleonic wars in 1850. You will conquer provinces, build units, research, upgrade and boost provinces, explore and colonize unknown territory, and work together with other players to fulfill the victory conditions of the round and win it.


Normal rounds of New World Empires feature 20-30 different players on historical maps and take about six to eight weeks for a player to win. During this time, units and productions will continuously operate even when you are offline. However, keeping a close eye on what is happening on the map and managing the moment-to-moment interactions is key to victory. You can play multiple game rounds simultaneously to explore strategies and challenge different players.

By playing and winning games, you will gain awards and higher ranks to measure your progress against other players. You can also join alliances, enter cooperative team matches, and set up rounds with various different settings and maps.

Table of Contents

This manual will cover everything you need to know to succesfully participate in a round of New World Empires. Many of the intricacies of gameplay and tactics will only be mentioned in passing, though. It is up to you to master the game and dominate your opponents. If you want to read up on a specific topic you can take one of the following shortcuts:

The Basics Creating
& Joining Games
Resources Provinces Units
Combat Diplomacy Market and Trading Research Espionage
Colonization Newspaper

Winning the Game

The goal of the game is to be the first player to gather a certain amount of Victory Points (VPs) and thereby win the round. VPs are credited for building certain buildings in a province and also for every province you control. To get more VPs you can therefore:

- construct certain buildings;
- conquer provinces;
- explore and colonize new provinces.

As the exact number of VP awarded for each building and province also depends on its respective province and building level, upgrading building levels and province states/levels will also bring you closer to victory. You can check the exact amount of VPs awarded by building level in the building info.

Hint: The amount of VPs needed to win is a percentage of all VPs currently in the game. So if you or your opponents construct buildings which add VPs to the game, the threshold you need to reach will rise. Consequently, if buildings are destroyed, the threshold will drop.

What is a Game Round?

A game of New World Empires (also called a ‘round’) hosts a limited number of players. You can play multiple of these rounds at the same time, for example to change between different maps and scenarios, explore different strategies, rule different countries, challenge friends in password-protected private games, etc.

Have a look at the game creation page or the game list and its filters to find out about the different possible round settings and to find running games with these settings [deep link into uber client].

Example: For instance, searching for games with the game feature “Country Selection” enabled will allow you to select the country you are assigned when first logging in to that round.

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