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In New World Empires, managing, upgrading and conquering provinces will lead you to victory. Provinces determine the expansion of your empire, are the main sites of production and the scene for great battles. In order to maximize your efficiency you will have to keep a close eye on your provinces’ levels and states as well as province morale.

Province Level

While all provinces produce money ("tax production") and manpower, each province only produces one basic resource type (see "Resources"). However, both resource production and tax income are affected by province level: a higher level means higher tax and resource production.

In addition, higher levels are a prerequisite for certain types or levels of buildings and unlock additional building grounds. To increase the level of your province, an Administrator needs to be present in the province capital and will get consumed by the upgrade.

Note: Once built, a province will always keep its level (even during war and when changing owners).

You can get an overview of the available province levels and their effects by clicking on a province’s level in the province bar. It informs you about the (1) VP awarded per level, the (2) required province state for that level, the (3) build duration and (4) costs, the province's (5) daily upkeep as well as the (6) available building grounds and relative (7) resource production at a certain level:

Hint: Ressource production is measured against a base production (= 100%) of 3,000 basic resources and 1,455 money, which happens to be the production of a level 5 province at 100% morale.

Province State

In addition to province levels, there are five different province states in New World Empires. They can be upgraded by certain civilian units as shown below.

Province State Upgrades to Cost Can fall back to
Colonizable Land is uninhabited land found only in the Terra Incognita. It requires prior exploration to be uncovered. Colony - - -
Colonies have higher resource production than Non-Core Provinces but lower tax production. Uprisings are possible. Non-Core
Colonizable Land
(when revolting)
Occupied Provinces have a very low morale (capped at 25%) and a high revolt risk. Therefore, garrison units are required. Non-Core
- - -
Non-Core Provinces are limited to 25% of base production (measured against a Core Province). However, morale can be increased to 100% to minimize revolt risk. Core Province Occupied Province (when conquered), Core Province (when conquered back)
Core Provinces are the most loyal and productive type of province. They allow for all province levels and buildings and can reach the highest possible production. - - - - - - Occupied Province
(when conquered)

Hint: When starting a new game round you will find yourself running out of resources soon if you fail to manage them efficiently. Check your resource balance to decide which province to conquer or upgrade. Core Province upgrades in particular are quite expensive and should be applied to the province that best serves your needs and playing style.

Province Morale

As mentioned above, resource production is not only dependent on province level and status but also on province morale. Morale is a percentage-based value representing the overall loyality and productivity of your lands. You should always keep an eye on province morale as shown in the bottom left of the province bar.

Province morale is recalculated once per day at day change (11pm CET) and depends (among others) on the following factors:

Distance to Capital: the higher the distance to your country's capital, the lower your maximum province morale. Enemy Armies: If there are enemy troops on your territory it will lower your maximum province morale. Buildings: some buildings (e.g., Market, Infrastructure) increase your maximum province morale.
War Penalty: each country you are at war with will lower your maximum province morale. Neighboring Provinces: morale trends in neighboring provinces increase or lower your maximum province morale. Enemy Neighbors: the more enemy provinces surround your province, the lower its maximum province morale.

Dependent on these factors your province moral will show a trend ("rising" or "falling"). If your maximum province morale is above the province's current morale, it will increase at day change by 20-25% of the difference between both values. If your maximum province morale is below the province's current morale, it will decrease accordingly.

Example: Have a look at the province moral info tooltip. It shows how your maximum province morale is calculated.

From a base morale of 100%...
- 2% will be subtracted for the distance to your capital,
- 6% will be subtracted for enemy troops in the province,
- 10% will be subtracted for being at war with 2 other countries (5% each),
- 10% will be subtracted due to neighboring province influence.

At the same time...
+ 15% maximum morale will be added due to morale-boosting buildings,
+ 4% will be added due to high-morale non-enemy province neighbors,

In sum, this adds up to a maximum province moral of 91%.

As long as the influencing factors will not change, the province will never exceed 91% morale, but morale will increase (or decrease, as in this case) by 20-25% of what is lacking towards the 91% maximum.

As mentioned, the morale of a province directly effects the province's resource production and tax income (manpower production is not effected). If the morale is low, the province will just produce a fraction of the possible resources. In addition, provinces with low morale (less than 33%) or occupied provinces (25%) have a high risk of revolts. Revolts damage the garrison, change the owner of a province or lower the province state (see "Province State").

Hint: If you find your province morale dropping for no apparent reason, a hostile spy might be the cause. He may have either reduced the morale directly or may have sabotaged the production of resources, which causes a drop of morale, if the demand cannot be met anymore (see "Espionage").

Ducats can help to boost province morale (10% for 500 Ducats). This in turn directly effects the province's productivity and reduces the risk of revolts. However, once raised, province morale will again fall at day change if the calculated maximum province morale is lower than the current one.

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