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Resource Types

Growing your economy through resource management is key to support your military and colonial endeavors. In New World Empires everything revolves around 5 different resources: food, raw materials, minerals, goods, and luxury goods. Each resource serves a different purpose and some are more rare than others.

The resource bar on the top of the screen displays how much resources you have and the amount you gain or lose per hour.

Food is being needed for recruiting and maintaining all land units (and some buildings). The higher the unit count, the higher the consumption of food. Goods are mainly used for constructing and maintaining buildings and ships. Research also cost goods, especially in the Warfare and Colonization branch. Minerals are used for recruiting and maintaining most land units, maintaining ships and for the construction of many buildings.
Raw Materials are used to build and maintain upgrades and buildings as well as level up provinces. Luxury Goods are used for recruiting and maintaining some land units and buildings (especially from the Colonization branch).

Apart from basic resources, your economic and military prowess will depend on two other variables: manpower and money.

Manpower is used for recruiting and maintaining all types of units. It is the only resource that can not be traded in the Market. Each of your provinces contributes to manpower production (relative to province morale). Production as well as consumption is only updated once a day at day change.
Money is used for everything you build, for research and for upgrading provinces. Money or ‘tax’ production is increased by land, morale and upgrades. Spies also consume money which is charged once per day at day change (see “Espionage”).

Ducats is a premium currency, which can be obtained by completing the tutorial, by winning game rounds and by purchasing it via the in-game shop. You can play very successfully without Ducats, but employing it strategically may be the deciding factor for a victory. Ducats can be put to different uses: it allows you to speed up research, recruitment, and construction, influence the morale of own or enemy troops, or purchase other resources. See "Premium Features" for more details.

Resource Management

If you want to increase basic resource production look for buildings that increase resource production (e.g., Workshop, Harbor, Trade Company).

To increase the money you get from your provinces look for buildings that increase tax production (e.g., Infrastructure, Market, University).

To increase manpower production look for buildings that increase manpower production (e.g., Barracks).

Basic resource, money and manpower production can also be increased by upgrading province states and levels (see Provinces).

Shortages of any resource may lead to morale loss and may even affect units effectiveness when they go into battle. Production and consumption values change depending on a positive or negative value, which will determine the production of resources. Thus, your resource balance is constantly increasing/decreasing.

Hint: If you hover over a resource, you can see how much you have in stock, the amount you produce per day and the total amounts used for consumption. Watch out for resource rates turning negative – an indication that you are consuming more than you can produce. Prevent this by upgrading provinces, constructing building that boost resource production or deactivate unused buildings.

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