Creating & Joining Games

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To create a new game or join an existing one click "Games" to open the games menu. While "My Games" shows your currently running games with all important information, "New Games" is the place to create or join games. When joining an existing game, you can do one of the following:

(1) browse the game list below,

(2) search for game titles or game IDs via the search field on the upper left or

(3) apply a range of filters to the game search by clicking on “Search options” and adding the respective criteria via the dropdown menus.

If you prefer to create a new game just click on the “+”-Button on the upper right. The different game modes for filtering your search or creating new games are explained under “Game Options”. Games you don't play anymore or that have ended can be moved to the archive. The archive will start to clear out after a few weeks of sending a game there.

Creating a Game

To create a game, click on the “+”-button on the upper right. After choosing a game title (mandatory) and adding a description (optional), you can select from the following game options.

Frontline Pioneer: If the game is set to be a Frontline Pioneer game it will have access to all unreleased beta features. This option is limited to players who participate in the Frontline Pioneer program. Elite AI: With Elite AI game, the artificial intelligence directing the countries not handled by human players is much smarter and more aggressive than the normal AI. Therefore, all stats gathered against the Elite AI will count towards your ranking and achievements (which is not true for normal AI). Country Selection: By default country selection is set to “random”, i.e. starting countries will be automatically assigned to players at the start of the game. If “free selection” is enabled all players will be able to select a starting country of their choice.
Select a Map: There are two maps available. Both host 2 to 30 players. The “Age of Discovery” scenario features a historical world map of the late 15th century, while the "Randomized Terra Incognita" scenario features a procedurally generated Terra Incognita to be discovered beyond the Atlantic. Team Settings: If the game is set to “No Teams” (default), each player will be on its own if they don’t establish diplomatic relations with other players during the course of the game. With “Free Teams” enabled, up to 10 teams can be set for the game who fight together throughout the round. Attacking members of your own team is not possible. Each player may choose their team freely at the start of the round. Anonymous Round: If the game is set to be an Anonymous Round it will not be visible which character in the game is played by which user until the game ends.
Advanced Options: By clicking on “Advanced Options” you can set a password (to only allow certain players to join your game) and enable the anti-cheat system (to prohibit logins from multiple users that share the same PC or internet connection to more than one account in that round). Only games with the anti-cheat system enabled can be ranked (see “Ranking”).
Gold Features: Some of the optional features are so-called gold features, which add additional possibilities and strategies to the game. If either combination of gold features is selected (one or many), the creation will subtract 5,000 Ducats from your account. The same amount will be subtracted from all players who are joining this round. Joining or creating these rounds is free, if you have a premium account (see “Admiralty”).

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