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  • Unit Promotion Bug

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    Well, if we're going to be forced to fight, can we at least be honest about it? A good start would be removing the Strategy Advisors Focus Selections of Economy and Colonization. Colonial strategies are balanced in such a way that they cannot realistically compete with most active militaristic strategies. But at least colonizing can be called a strategy. There is literally no Economic strategy that can be followed in a playable fashion that is not actually a colonial or militaristic strategy. Th…

  • Unit Promotion Bug

    DogberryWL - - Questions and Answers


    Will there be an opportunity to dismiss unwanted obsolete units, or is the game deliberately and intentionally steering us towards strategies that make active use of military units (as opposed to colonial and economic strategies where a player's military is passive and defensive in nature)?

  • I, Electoral Prince DogberryWL, agree to the rules.

  • DogberryWL I agree to the rules I am a Count Palatine still (35382 of 35700), though I did recently receive a message congratulating me for my promotion to Electoral Prince, so my rank may depend on where you look.

  • From my experience, if it is the double embarking void I have previously experienced extensively with explorers, a simple refresh will not solve the issue. I have always had to wait the amount of time it takes to embark a second time for them to reappear. The only time it required dev intervention to get them to reappear was when I was embarking on a territory that suddenly became a colony, which halts unit movement, even the ones hidden in the embarkation void. However, this could be a separate…

  • NWE Monster Mash

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    I, DogberryWL, agree to these rules

  • Only the resources of unexplored territories change each game. Every starting country will have predictable starting production rates. The game seems to be balanced in such a way that any country is viable, but some excel more than others at specific strategies. If you are dead set on playing a specific way, target countries that help you accomplish those goals. Some things to consider: types of resources in each owned starting territory, ocean access, number and type of surrounding countries (i…

  • One minor note I forgot to add... Choice should be available in all rounds, not just the final. I saw good players taken out on Day 1 in earlier rounds as well. The example that stands out the most of this was when Sweden (I forget who was leading them) eliminated Norway (Grand Prince Tim, if I remember correctly) before the latter could even log in almost.

  • A couple things... I am not certain on whether or not birdman66 had right of way early. Admins can move through countries without RoW, and he was definitely making use of this. I cannot confirm having seen any troops moving through foreign territory though. However, I know I did create a lot of confusion when I accidentally spread false information at one point about his troop movements. At one point, I misread the board and mistook some of his administrators that were just on the edge of my sig…

  • That is how everything looked from my perspective. I would love to hear the paths taken by others in this tournament.

  • War is easily the single most effective and efficient strategy in this game. Unfortunately, I like it the least. For this tournament, I decided to employ a strategy that would best be described as colonial. I did the math before hand and realized that it was possible to complete level 3 trading posts just before the game's time limit expired. My plan was to conquer a handful of countries very early on, develop those new territories economically, and use that foundation of resources to eventually…

  • Amazing work by superior players. Your wins are well deserved.

  • This would need to be done on a Randomized Terra Incognita map. Otherwise, those players spawning next to an AI controlled major power would be at a significant production advantage. As one who primarily considers himself an economic and colonial player, I am in favor of such a tournament.

  • Lost of Capital

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    Minor correction, but in order to get a colony cored (which is a requirement for a capital), it takes a total of 4 admins - 1 to non-core it, 1 for lvl 4, 1 for lvl 5, and 1 to core it. King Phillip is correct about it requiring 2 more admins beyond this to grow the territory to level 7, the prerequisite for the University which allows the production of civilian units.

  • What am I Missing?

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    There are also events you can join, like various tournaments and the Active Players Association sponsored games

  • I find that if I try to look at my achievements through the statistics option, they do not always show up. However, if I am clicking on the achievements button itself, they have always shown up.

  • I can confirm that everything has been fixed on my end. Stuff like this happens sometimes, so no worries. Thank you for everything!

  • FYI, I am currently banned for multiple accounts (those accounts being DogberryWL, Bigwun, Whitetiger89, and Mr.Dutch), and if this matter does not resolve itself promptly, I will have no choice but to withdraw from this tournament. I apologize for the issues and inconveniences I have inadvertently caused.

  • I, DogberryWL, agree to the rules and sign up.