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  • Quote from Avinus: “? ” This will be a Roleplay that lasts from the colonial era to the revolutionary, you can be anything from a power that stretches the world and the sun never sets on, to later when the countries of europe and Asia have all but burnt to the ground in the age of revolution- A Central American,Mexican or Anglo-American style nation confirmed nations are -Portugal- Peter Ayres -Egypt-Thistle and Rose

  • The Best of Two Worlds

    Thistle and rose - - News


    it looks great Thistle and Rose

  • the golden hoard?that is an Ai right

  • Looking for a Group of Co-Op players to join a Roleplaying Europa Universallis That spans the day columbus discovered the land of Hispaniola to the dawn of the 20th century. Whos with me! On Rp forum i have some Rules facts and also delved deep into the mechanics, however we need players and we also need people with roleplaying experience to design the best mechanics.

  • I am new to this game, but i have roleplayed before in both call of war and supremacy i am planning to set up a private (Password roleplay) Where your nation is governed bye events both regionally and internationally. From the split of the Roman empire between the reformation and the catholic powers in a brief hustle to the Crusades against the ottoman and yemen caliphates. I have already expanded on the structure the roleplaying will go bye from the Revolutionary era when the U.S and Mexico cla…