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    The games are over ...


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  • NWE Monster Mash

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    Katbest I accept the Rules

  • I would also be forbidding alliances but it is impossible to do. even if you can not give yourself a "shared map", you can play together with conversations. It will be a bit harder but it will not change the fact that you can get along ...

  • Well, a few more comments: 1 / Many ideas for improving the round and organizers should take a look at them ... I have to say that the Marzohne idea with the manual positioning of the state at a considerable distance from myself even more appeals to me. It can leave all the rounds as before and only change the final like this: The organizers (in the end, we must trust them) announce six countries distanced from each other and make a draw (eg Mr.Dutch in the dark draws the player to you). 2 / Mar…

  • As I was "called to the board", let me put in a handful of my comments. My predecessor, Dogberry, has quite accurately outlined the course of the last tournament rounds. I personally do not consider myself a good player because I know they are better than me. I achieved my position thanks to diplomacy and time ... When it comes to my cooperation with Mariusz, 72 it all goes well. But finally, someone said smarter than me: "wars win at the tables of conversations" :)) I also have several proposal…

  • And We're Back!

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    Good question. When?

  • Hello, everyone. Due to the fact that due to stupid discussions has been closed topic NWE Community Event - The Battle of 1610 has nowhere to congratulate the winner ... And congratulations falls out and that's why I'm doing it on this topic :)). Dunerati, my congratulations on a well-deserved win. You were the dominator in the first map and despite the efforts of other leaders (including my humble person) you confirmed your domination in the third map. I would also like to thank all participant…

  • This is my last statement in the discussion with you. I gave you my arguments in the game but as I wrote the stone would understand more from you ... and that's it in the subject.

  • Talking with you is like talking to a stone ... For this reason, I have no intention of continuing it. Greetings and I wish you successful conquests :))

  • Here is a proverb: "You just explain guilty ..." and your posts are just translations and pretexts to put yourself in the "light" of such a poor and still endangered player. I suggest that you look at your screen shots from the previous game ... There, you threw the situation from the game until you won and eliminated your rivals in turn. You stopped posting the moment you attacked me and got hit. Remember who first attacked ... And you do not have to be a "prophet" to guess that you will do the…

  • Katbest I agree to the rules.

  • I understand it but the "link" to the posts is not enough ... Few people will "click" in the link ... "Bosses" would have to put separate information for each event in the News section as they did for the map "Official Battle of NWE "... Otherwise they will not attract players' attention ...

  • I am very sorry for "spam" but I have a small suggestion: From the opinions of my friends I have information that the Game Forum is "complicated" and "unreadable" for players (I also had a problem with navigating the Forum at the beginning ...). For this reason, I would suggest that announcements about the opening of entries to the NWE Community Event and other events from Forum Competitions, NWE Championship, Active Player Association, etc. appear in the "News" section. Then every "logging" pla…

  • Katbest I join. I accept the rules of the game.

  • Hello all. Congratulations on a very good idea. I would like to support Dunerati's idea to limit the use of ducats. I also propose regrets in the subject of injustice in the purchase of ducats to transfer to another subject, and leave this for discussions about the Alliance Tournament. The BRACTWO Alliance also forms a part of the Tournament. As for the activities of today, a team of 6-7 people, perhaps we would give. Regards.