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  • I couldn't find a 'suggestions' forum, so I'm putting this thread here. So I came up with a good idea. I actually got this idea from my friend, who plays Call of War 1942, another Bytro game. He says that CoW often has events called "All countries All in" where basically you can play as any country on the map. So I thought, it would be a great idea for NWE to hold an event like this, especially since there are lots of AI countries on the map. If NWE made this event, it would allow players to pla…

  • [STARTED] The Battle of Amorgos

    MorjelKielers - - News



  • Quote from Chickenus: “Hello Folks, I have just created a land swap map for a starting period of about 1500AD. This was created from a composite of many maps found online. Historical accuracy was very important in the making of this, however making sure this was playable and balanced was more important. In other words I threw exact borders away(I did try) for the purpose of making sure the interactions between countries were accurate. Please offer your criticisms and what not, and I am also look…