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  • If you show pride to your state/province, what would you be considered? Not a Nationalist, cus a state/province isn't a nation itself, but is part of a nation. I wanna know. :-/

  • A random poll

    y u want mai name m8 - - Off-topic


    Quote from GreatbigHippo: “Quote from Eruth: “texas wouldn't join up with anyone. It would go out on it's own, then conquer the rest of the world. I would be executed as a traitor for leaving ” You're right, Texas would not join anyone, other states would join Texas. ” When I read that, I heard Mr. Burns' voice saying it in my head. xD

  • Quote from Eljic: “I don't know if anyone is serious about adding a new building, but if so a Mission might be appropriate for a colony to add a boast to morale. I've considered a Pub or a Chapel as well, but those could be used in the Old World as well. The Mission however, would clearly be a colony building designed to increase morale, if anyone was interested in going that route. ” I like that idea. We should add it!