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  • Recycling troops

    Marzohnne - - Strategy


    Many folks ask how to go about deleting troops? Or how about a way to take existing troops, and train them up to higher levels? Right now, there is no such in the game. The answer then is learning how to RECYCLE existing troops so as to always keep the higher grades possible, to maintain the best battle readiness. In this game you have 3 types of troops: Regular, Mercenary, and Colonial. Regular troops have varying types of each, such as light or heavy infantry. Native troops are available later…

  • Quote from Crazy-Krauthead: “Such a crazy Kraut won it. These f***ing Krauts... ” Yeah, you can't trust those Germans. Oh wait. I think I'm related to some of them. Nvm.

  • I'll contact folks on Discord, and express your concerns. Thx.

  • I am not privy to how the programmers have set the game up in this regard. I do know that for far too long in the game, the AI nations were simply pushovers, half the time not even building troops for the first several days. These AIs seem to operate from the viewpoint, if you attack someone, then you're a warmonger and must be restrained in some way. Ergo, I think their morale vs. you, in attitude to how they treat YOU goes down world wide, when you start stomping on others. As in when you're n…

  • Quote from Crazy-Krauthead: “Marzohne I dont want to disappoint u, but it was allready promised a mobile release as NWE started...years later, as I´ve been GO there was still no progress, and today still nothing. ” To be honest, I was not aware of this. Maybe because I don't own a phone, smart or otherwise. I think of them as electronic leashes (leeches?)?

  • Quote from Yetzer Hara: “Quote from Marzohnne: “Quote from Yetzer Hara: “Was wondering if there’s been any rumour on bytro releasing this on mobile yet? ” I'll see what I can find out? ” Thank you I would really appreciate that ” Not in the immediate future. However, now that the subject has been broached, it is now being talked about on staff discord channels. Ty, for your interest.

  • Quote from Yetzer Hara: “Was wondering if there’s been any rumour on bytro releasing this on mobile yet? ” I'll see what I can find out?

  • Quote from Bellona: “Isnt that cheating? ” He is advertising a product that is NOT related to NWE, which is prohibited by the forum rules. As such, his post was moved to the TRASH; as all such posts have had happen to them.

  • 6 minutes, all cleaned up.

  • I check forum 1-2 times a day. Some others check a bit less. One time I had about 80 spam messages to deal with.

  • Quote from Crazy-Krauthead: “Quote from Marzohnne: “Quote from birdman66: “What might be possible is a tournament under Elite AI settings so that all countries would be active. That could get interesting. ” Ask Dr. Leipreachán. That's your best bet for finding out if it's possible? ” As a member of the supportteam, cant u ask him in skype?:) ” Not in Skype, but I have mentioned it to him in Discord. Even so, me asking him, is just me asking and relaying something to him. It carries MORE weight, …

  • Not a necessarily bad idea. But if you don't want to spend a lot of money on ducats for the game, you can purchase membership in the Admiralty, which I believe gives you the same thing? I do have to argue with you on the one point however, the assertation that BYTRO isn't making any money from it. I know this to be false, as I am personally in 3 gold option games, that have 3 players in them who do NOT have the Admiralty option going. So they had to have paid to get in.

  • Quote from birdman66: “What might be possible is a tournament under Elite AI settings so that all countries would be active. That could get interesting. ” Ask Dr. Leipreachán. That's your best bet for finding out if it's possible?

  • Biggest battles

    Marzohnne - - Forum Competitions


    Quote from slushfund: “Colonials are generally weaker, but more experienced in rough terrain which seems to give them an advantage. They also suffer less penalties than the Modern or Mercenary . ” Colonials are weaker at the start, but over time they can become some of the best units of the game. Compare sometime a Colonial Infantry at level 4 to a Light Infantry 6 and I think you'll be surprised. Then consider their advantages in many terrains and you will see why so many folks use them. Then f…

  • I can imagine it. I think the problem is in game design. While I am not certain of this, I do know that games can ONLY be run often by the rules as they are set up. I believe this goes back to what I said earlier. They may NOT be able to set it up like you want, simply because the game isn't designed to work that way. It may be to get it to work the way you want it to, will require changes in the code in the computer language of the game, to make that work. To get a better answer you may have to…

  • Quote from Fiederhorf: “well, a tournament where all 30 playable countries must be active would be cool - very tough I think ” I think they run tournament very often, and one is running now, though too late to get into for this round. Keep an eye for them, as after this current one, they will run another not long after. You can usually find them under "Community Events".

  • Manpower

    Marzohnne - - Strategy


    I knew about the jump for Workshop from zero to 2 was possible. As for the jump from Barracks to 2 to 4, it may be a jump, or a typo? I suspect that in both cases, if in fact both cases do exist, the 'jump' was never an intended part of the game, but an error in programing? BYTRO seems to be notoriously slow in fixing code when it becomes apparent that something is broken.

  • Not the first time I've heard of this 'suggestion'. It is a good idea, but won't work currently as BYTRO is set up. The problem has to do with how the NWE game was set up, so I hear, but I'm not a programmer, so can't really tell you for sure one way or the other. The following I've not heard through 'official' channels, but seems to be how it is, that I have heard 'unofficially'. The game was 'set' for a certain number of possible locations for a possible nation to be 'active'. The way the code…

  • Manpower

    Marzohnne - - Strategy


    I have seen this question come up time and again, and while I cover Manpower or MP at length in several articles as part of resource building, it continues to crop up again and again. There are several major, easy ways to increase MP rates in your kingdom, which can be done at the start of any game, or even as the game goes on. 1 : Increase the size of the provinces. This is done by building admins at your capital (and can be done at Universities as well) and then sent to provinces of lower numb…

  • Bug

    Marzohnne - - Questions and Answers


    Quote from Diablo: “Having a problem with my game, there seems to be a bug, when i give instructions to attack an enemy the system doesn't act on my order and q figure appears near the target, and it seems that the player i'm playing against is in the amdmiralty. Just wondering if this gives him an advantage as it seems the more troops i send the more die even if is troops are less. Thank you for the help ” First off, he may just be using ducats to cover his inefficiencies as a General, which is…