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  • Not only did the frontier games take most of the test period to start up, they only tested the first few days of the game. And the resulting complaints were ignored. I don't mind changing strategy for a new game but the changes devastated positions that I had been building for a long time and can't just change. The changes should never have been applied to ongoing games! Not that there appears to be strategy to succeed in the end game with the new rules except waiting for everyone else to drop o…

  • Spy system

    Roger Eastman - - General Discussions


    I have played in about 25 games now and only seen spies used once. I took over an ai late in a game and the ai had built spies. Another player was using them too. They were not effective. They cost way more than they appear to be worth.

  • Building up your core provinces only works at the beginning. Once you get a big empire (and you need a very big one for victory) your core provinces are too few to help much. And you can't just core captured big countries because coring was made so expensive in a previous update. The market is now not only far too expensive but runs out of stuff so you can't buy it at any price. This update is a disaster and clearly it was not tested properly if at all in the mid and end game. And it was outrage…

  • The resource changes are having a disastrous effect throughout the game. Even a big colonial empire is reduced to poverty. Everything is slowed down because of lack of resources. The increased provinces being your starting provinces they don't affect a large empire much. Also, the reduced production from colonies makes building up your trade posts to level 3 almost prohibitive as the maintenance costs have not been reduced.

  • It's day ten in my test game. No player interaction. Lots of small ai's getting whacked quicker is the main difference so far. And your test period is about up. You should test this for a month or two not 11 days. Maybe more.

  • Time will tell which of us is right. But, you won't be able to tell anything with an 11 day test period in Frontline. Too few games will start, and the ones that do won't have time to get anywhere.

  • Try it in beta? I have joined two games in Frontline and they are both stuck and can't start. That's because of your real problem, that you let everyone just start a new game at any time; which they do instead of joining a game already created. If you made players wait until the old ones were full before creating a new one this wouldn't happen. And I really don't follow your logic about giving the players more money and making the ai weaker somehow increasing player interactions. If anything it …

  • I believe you misunderstood slomoney. The question was whether putting more troops to sit in an enemy province gives a bigger morale penalty to the province. I don't think so but never tested it. Also, more garrison troops do reduce the chance of revolt, down to 0 if one has any sense. Personally, I think NWE Alliance's scheme would be a painfully slow way to try to capture provinces, and they might go to a third party anyway. When an enemy province revolts it could go to anyone nearby.

  • Speeding up combat is a really bad idea because it means one is more likely to find oneself wiped out after having been out for the day or even just getting a regular night's sleep. It has nothing to do with the real problems of the game except to make that one worse.

  • I needs a crew t' fight Captain Crook 'n his scallywags. Are ye willin' t' join th' Pirate Rum Brethren? I'll send ye boardin' papers.

  • Is your game ranked? I have the impression that only ranked games count for statistics. Normally they update once a day, sometime near or just after midnight GMT. Also, if you have been fighting non-player forces that doesn't count unless advanced AI is turned on (a feature that costs).

  • The Pirate Rum Brethren share an interest in trade, colonizing, and rum. If you cannot tell Myer's Original Dark from New Orleans Amber by taste alone, please join some other alliance. You do not have to live in Jamaica to join; but, you do have to like Jamaican rum.

  • Arrh. We be seeking new shipmates. Aye, and new seas "Grow for Grog" has just weighed anchor for practicing.

  • Ranked games

    Roger Eastman - - Questions and Answers


    I would appreciate an explanation of how games become ranked games. Also, in particular, are Alliance internal games automatically non-ranked? The one I created says it is non ranked because anti-cheating is not enabled; but, there was no such choice available during creation of the game. Or does it switch when enough people join?