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  • I currently use an HP 15 Laptop.

  • W E - W A N T - Y O U | In The Wolf State! Most of you probably have by now, heard of The Wolf State, the alliance dedicated to skill, activity, respect, and experience! We assure you that that word is fact, and the grand alliance does in fact, exist! The Wolf State is an active, discord-using alliance that is looking for more members! We are not just looking for Members, but Officers as well. We participate in all different kinds of matches, and play in alliance matches. Currently on New World …

  • Or message me on forum, wherever you want!

  • Hello, my alliance The Wolf State is glad to have you! Please message me on the main NWE Site!

  • Another good game if we were counting browser is Call of War, an NWE sister game. Not counting browser, GTA V is pretty good. When it comes to movies/books I have always been a fan of The Hunger Games. Quote from Albrecht.von.Roon: “Hello people! Let's start and talk about other things we play/watch our read like series, movies, books, etc. (Browser games not counted.) I play at this moment GTA 4 and GTA SA, also I'm wachting Last men on earth ep 11. I dont like that many books but I just finish…

  • If you want you're welcome to join!

  • Hello, everyone! I am Romulus947, the Supreme Leader of The Wolf State! We are on all bytro-dorado games, including, Call of War, Thirty Kingdoms, Supremacy 1914, and Conflict of Nations! As of today, we now have an alliance on New World Empires! We already have 4 members in it as well! If you join The Wolf State, we can promise you the best experience on New World Empires POSSIBLE! Listed below are rules & faq, and also things we do as a community! Enjoy, and make sure to read everything! RULE…