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  • Colonial Hurricane

    Robert Parris - - Roleplay Games/Rounds


    Sounds interesting to me. Keep us posted.

  • Here I sit in Orleans France after a successful occupation then coring. It's a Level 6 province. And there is a damaged University there that I wanted to repair to make administrators on the mainland, since I am Scotland. Overall I don't build that many universities, so I wasn't quite up on the requirements, so when I go to repair the won't let me because Orleans is a level 6 province, but minimum requirements for a uni is level 7 province. So i'm gonna have to upgrade the level. BUT. H…

  • Lack of manpower, especially early in the game is the single largest determiner of speed of game and level of player interactiveness. Perhaps manpower is purposefully set exactly where it is because it probably results in more Ducat spending than any other factor. Changes have been made to resource amounts and game speeds to increase player involvement and retain more players, but as long as there is a manpower scarcity...especially early in the game...there are only so many actions players can …

  • I join some of the beginner games from time to time if I see some others above level 1 have joined. I know in advance that about 90% of the beginners will not even play long enough to build even one building in their territories. All this I have addressed before, but here's something admin should take a look at changing. Each beginner is given about double the units to start with, so far so good (understandable). But when the beginner goes through the opening tutorial, and then never plays at al…

  • Perspective affects your plans

    Robert Parris - - Strategy


    Play the WHOLE map from the beginning of the game. You can't attack, but you can send an administrator to spy. BE each of your enemies for a few seconds as you scan the map. What could they do? What can you do? And where? To prevent them from gaining ascendancy.

  • Are there any players that access the game multiple times a day? I have a regular time that is for major management, but I check in 3 or 4 times a day other than that time. Anybody else play this way and would like to be in a game together?

  • Looking to concentrate on economic aspects of the game in this one. Warfare isn't excluded, this is an Elite AI game, but the focus is on growth. To learn strategies you can't easily learn while worrying about your neighbors attacking you. Message me for the password if you are interested.

  • Fortresses have their place. A key stronghold that is the make or break point when you are in full scale warfare with an enemy that is comparable to yourself can give you the edge in a battle. But building fortresses all over the place is a complete waste. One, it takes up a valuable building spot. Second, I think most people misunderstand them to begin with. Lots of people think a fortress gives you a garrison like presence in that province, they don't even realize that unless there are units s…

  • Game number 2501206. The game just ended, "Congratulations you've reached 1st place" I am at 807 VP, with 1390 needed to win. SO why did the game end? I don't want this one to be over, it was an experiment of sorts. All the players agreed to never attack anyone, even AI. It was completely about the economic and colonization aspects of the game. Can this game be re-instated?

  • Yes. They will give right of way. With Elite AI if you are too aggressive they will also take it away.

  • Yes, they will eventually make peace. Elite AI take way longer though. Regular AI varies from a day to 4 or 5 days. Not sure what factors into how long it takes, but probably your overall status among nations, size of your army, etc. Sometimes I've been shocked at how fast they make peace, other times it drags on for a few days. Elite AI is a completely different story. I wouldn't exactly call them "smart" but definitely aggressive.

  • Half their treasury. Depends on how big their treasury is you might want to hang around long enough for them to build another capital then take that too. Fortunately the newspaper publishes the richest nations every 3 days or so. 8% or better are all excellent targets.

  • An Occupied province is sufficient

  • Applying to AI nations warfare. Let's say you are 12, 15 days into a game, as the newspaper reports the wealthiest nations about every 3 days, I target one of the top wealthiest nations. I take it's capital. Then set diplomacy to peace. Either the nation grants peace or it maintains warfare with me. Either way I give them time enough to build another capital before I attack them again. Then I take the second capital and get another treasury bonus from them. I've done this as many as 4 times with…

  • Birdman66 join game number 2501206. I booted inactive players. There are 4 open slots. Six days into the game, but still over a week of peace period. And that's beside the point of this game anyways. It is for developing the economic and colonization aspects. Join us.

  • 4 more players needed.

  • Welcome aboard! Any assistance I can offer is yours for the asking. I love these aspects of the game, but they often get overshadowed by war.

  • Looking for 6 more players who want to play a game based solely around the exploration, colonization, and economic growth aspects of the game. There is a 14 day peace period set for both AI and human controlled nations. I intend for this to extend throughout the game. IOW you are not to attack anyone ever. If you must have your warfare then join literally any other game, not this one. If you join you are agreeing to never attack any other nation, with this exception: if any other player attacks …

  • You rarely lose a colony to natives. It can happen but it is rare. Damage to trade companies and colonial offices are more common, and you just repair them. Also choice of territories to colonize. My top priorities are territories easy to colonize with low revolt rates. In South America that means all the coastal territories. Once you go inland your revolt rates increase. I think that holds for Africa as well. There are exceptions inland. But prime real estate is the Caribbean Islands. Low revol…