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  • I also got one after 3 day... just one. Im testing more nations, playable and non-playable to see if different. [this is week long test]

  • Im also running a test for this as we speak... I am interested to see if this is working as intended. [it is a test that requires 7-8 days to pass .. so taking some time] Thankyou to everyone that gives us feedback for this and all NWE matters

  • Greetings Adventurers, CLOSED: Launched Sunday 21st @23:59 gmt The Time has come !!! to launch another Invitational round for chatters + forum users Map settings will be: 1. The standard map will be used [as it is all we have available] 2. No Set Teams .. ONLY TWO ALLIANCE members per alliance may join! 3. Free country selection!, on sign up you may request a start nation, if not stated one will be allocated 4. There is no agreement or expected restriction on using ducats 5. Sign up will be via …

  • Welcome to the team Mr.Dutch ! Thank you for joining our effort to support New World Empires!

  • Quote from Widfarne: “NO ONE has answered me of the 4 which I asked a bit more and a bit less than a week ago. ” nobody has answered you about what ? you have answers here for your posted question... im left guessing what you didnt get a reply on. your Query in the system about blockade maybe?... if you refer to that then I can tell you, it was sent upto the Community Management + dev team [so its out of support teams' hands now]

  • thank you for explaining that Alkyonor 7-8 days... [I will keep watching this with interest]

  • Thank you for flagging a possible issue with AI diplomacy. Im following that ticket with interest.

  • APA Roleplay

    Field Marshal Dan - - Roleplay Games/Rounds


    anyone that replies below to ''sign up'' can see about this being a Role Play map. [and thereby agree] and you can send them the password to join via the forum. [they can also conv you to ask] See a Gif of Conversation button

  • APA Roleplay

    Field Marshal Dan - - Roleplay Games/Rounds


    I recommend you password an RP round and invite those with the understanding of RP [you can still do this by making a ticket/report from your map] otherwise your RP round will include non-rpers who will conquest and not participate in roleplay via the paper, This may not ruin the round... and is upto you if you wish to admit players that wont RP Good luck with your round sir !

  • Elite AI are very stubborn and will not adjust diplomacy easily. [for the better] if you upset the elite ai [with undeclared wars and aggression] they will embargo you and maybe even declare war.

  • Quote from Widfarne: “1. Is "Right of way" from AI automatic after a while? If so - How long time is normal? Or is it handled by the game host? ” Right of way can be ''agreed'' with non-elite ai by setting your own diplomacy to ROW with a nation and waiting a few days, after 2 or 3 days *see accurate data below* the ai should adjust to match [assuming no combat/war] Quote from Widfarne: “2. What does a Game host see MORE than a normal player see? 3. What does a Game host handle? ” the Game admin…

  • Taking a capitol will not cause the other province of that nation to join you. It will give them a morale penalty which could trigger revolts. holding troops inside an enemy border will give a morale loss in the invaded province, yes. This was correct the last time I checked this^


    Field Marshal Dan - - Off-topic


    Quote from slomoney: “no responses for help ” We should have good chat coverage, we have hired five chat Moderators in 3 different global timezones to do our best effort to cover chat 24/7. Quote from EZ Dolittle: “The design needs to encourage more interactions of a positive nature and build a better retention aspect. ” Considering that the Alliance system is designed precisely for these mentioned purposes, do you guys have any feedback to offer regarding the current arrangement for alliance pl…

  • We have done our part, when we first flagged this issue to the Developers on Oct 29th 2016. I have to assume this issue is considered low priority.

  • Welcome to the team Slushfund

  • NWE Brawl #02

    Field Marshal Dan - - News


    it filled in 20 hours

  • Congratz to the winners

  • Peace Plan

    Field Marshal Dan - - News


    Quote from slomoney: “My bug fixes got repaired at the same speed ” Your last ticket was on 09 of 2016 from my log. Im not seeing these slow tickets,,, [bug fixes] if you have an extended delay on any ticket I invite you to mail me, as well as reply to the ticket itself to ''bump it'' up the list.

  • bubba camp you may get an explanation about the filter, which I think you are asking about? but so that you understand, I can tell you the chat filter is configured by the Dev team and not by the volunteer support staff.

  • Thanks for a reply on this Freezy Quote from Field Marshal Dan: “and morale is not hit points, ” Quote from freezy: “morale bar represents the average percentage of hitpoints of the stack” the morale bar [as it is currently named] is going to continue to defy explanation then ... so we shall cease trying