The Roleplayers Union [-RPU-]

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    • The Roleplayers Union [-RPU-]

      The Roleplayers Union

      "Roleplaying, Education, Respect, Community"

      We are an alliance dedicated to roleplaying within the Supremacy 1914, Call of War, New World Empires, Thirty Kingdoms, and Nationstates communities, here to establish ourselves as a broad group of individuals who support the expansion of this wonderful roleplaying community.

      Our mission is to help RP creators find the players they need for their games, build a strong RP community on all sites where roleplaying is possible, and to increase the quality of roleplay rounds on all sites.

      We as the RPU are here to support you in any sort of organized roleplay. We can help with gathering players for your games; Assistance in Roleplay round creation and organization, and training the future generation of roleplayers.

      Our arms are open to all players, new and old alike in Roleplaying.

      In order to join this fine collection of Roleplayers, The Following are necessary from you as an individual.

      1. You must know how to Roleplay.

      2. You must be willing to learn more about Roleplaying.

      3. You must be relatively respectful to your respective RPU members and your fellow Roleplayers.

      4. You must be a member of an RPU alliance on at least one of the Bytro Websites.

      Want To Learn More?

      RPU official Website:

      RPU official Forums:

      RPU official Discord Chat:

      RPU official Skype Chat:

      Note: Access to the RPU Chats is temporary for non-members of the RPU.

      Interested? Respond on this thread and we can talk.
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    • Im glad you asked.

      Serhat-Y, the wonderful moderator is our site leader here, administering the activities of the RPU 1st and second alliances.

      Scottern heads the secondary alliance, and i lead the primary one.

      I intend to begin an rp recruitment campaign, and as soon as we have sufficient rosters for both alliances, we will begin an rp round :)

      From then on, its just roleplaying, recruiting and enjoying ourselves.

      Apply today!
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      RPU Forums & RPU Website In Pictures

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    • Hey guys, I'm back here. Sorry for the inactivity but I'll be resuming RPU's operations here as new Site Leader. If anyone wants to do role-playing here on this game or plans to create a Rp over here. I would be glad to assist you and help you as much as I can. Also if you wish to join us, the Role-playing Union. Then, kindly contact me or Lightning Turk. @ Dan and Darren and other mods, if you see anyone interested on chats or threads who wishes to role play here, you can direct them to me :D. This role-playing community over here still in works and this entire year would be high and low for me but within this year I plan to set this community up and running. Bring new people of course and creating first official casual Rp games of RPU and then very soon we will create serious role-playing games with help of my companions and friends in the RPU. So with new year already started, let's hope for bright future of role-playing community over here :P