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      1) What are the odds at making peace with normal AI now in % and if so per day increasingly?

      * Is there a diffirence for bigger and smaller countries for % chance of making a peace treaty after a *single or several attacks on them?

      2) Is there a calculation of % chance by which normal AI attacks to be made known per day or country?

      3)Will they send out multiple troops if so (mixed) or single troops?

      4)Do they attack only bordering provinces or also travel by sea passing bordering provinces to conquer capitals?

      5) Will the recruitment of normal AI troops increase and if so by a made known percentage?
    • No official answer, but so far:

      1. Depends on hostlities with AI, some long simmering wars ended in 2-3 hours, some took 2-3 days after hostilities stopped. o idea about percentages, though.

      2. No idea, but they start movement any time, not only at turn change.

      3. They send different troops, i have seen them sending lone horseman to captyre my empty province, send 6 light inf/1 light cannon against 4 infantry in forest and at same time sent 7 cavalry/ 5 modern.inf against 6 inf in plains.

      4. So far bordering provinces, but they may use different roads.

      5. It is assumed that once war starts, AI puts army building as top priority, and since it can launch new units instantly as first ones are finished, they can in two three days gain a n edge in buildup.
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    • Good morning,

      1) The odds to make peace with an AI it will be cost you 2-3 days for sure, you will have that in your mind so you will be sure for that days, maybe some times AI give you peace in 4 or 5 days, this is rare but it happens, it isnt a bug.

      2) No there isnt, i had a lot of knowledge about this and i didnt see any difference.

      3) They send everything they have, but they let back the 1/3 for defence, the AI play like players.

      4) Of course they can use sea to capture something.

      5) As i know from my experience the AI have the knowledge of the players in map, think that they are like a mime, they play like a normal player and sometimes like a good one, called Elite AI.