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    • qixor wrote:

      marzohnne wrote:

      I just hope qixor doesn't decide to hold a grudge from the last game I kicked his butt in....
      huh me just a noob here - butt is wide open for one and all :P get yourself as dirty as you want - your foot, anything else you 'may' have :D
      i don't even know who you are but someone did launch a surprise attack in my very first game while i was busy on another front and i am guessing that must be you - it wont be the last time - and i am sure it will happen here too :)
      You're right. I launched a surprise attack on you, AFTER you had launched a surprise attack on my trade ally, the Ukraine. You were number one in that game and he was number two. After that, with only 2 other active players, the writing is on the wall. Attack you and take your capital or die at your hand when you surprise attack me next? Or wait until you had taken out Lithuania, and then attack me last? Once you break the rules of war, it become free for anyone else to do so, with out loss of credibility. You lost your righteous indignation, the moment you sneak attacked the Ukraine.
    • Chatters VI - News of the week. (personal view of first week)

      Well the rules were, on the 7th day, we could unleash the hounds of war.
      Before I summarize the first 24 hours of action, i should make mention of some positioning prior this.

      England v Scotland : both building preparing for action.
      France : claimed northern AI territories and lost 2 in revolts - both to England.
      Netherlands : building preparing for action.
      Burgundy : Claimed Rouen and other south/easterly AI territories.
      Toulouse : Caused some ruckus by competing with France for some AI territories, followed by a change of player around day 5.
      Castille v Aragon : both building preparing for action.
      Portugal : Grabbed Sardinia
      Morocco : Expanded eastwards in Africa.

      Ding Ding Ding .. there goes the bell.
      France plunders England's revolutionary gains in France; and simultaneously attacks Rouen (Burgundy).
      Burgundy retires from Rouen and proceeds to launch attacks on Paris, Montagis & Bourges.
      Both countries continue to pour troops into the frontline - with somehow France holding firm in all three cities.

      Netherlands entered the Burgundy vs France battle, by removing some of Burgundy's reserve troops, and a few provinces. He also dabbled in England claiming at least one province.

      Morocco meanwhile stomps on the Portugal's Sardinian forces and smashes them fully.
      Further continued skirmishes between the two remain a feature of post-Sardinian battle.
      Morocco also appears to have the most successful fleet in action.

      Castille was expanding quietly into mostly AI territory & a minor conflict with Toulouse.

      Toulouse defended for most of day 1 battle, but attacked a French coastal province after Portuguese sailors landed there. France again mustered forces to repel the attack, as the Burgundian threat had now subsided.

      Portugal : was left reorganising at home, in the expectation of a Moroccan invasion, which may or may not occur.

      Aragon was last to cause a fuss, but launched into Pau over the top of Castile units.

      So that is the state of play after a gruelling 6 days preparation and the first 24 hours of battle.

      I have tried to keep the report from being being a biased affair, and hope all countries have been fairly reported on to this point.
      I am Deaf_Eye_Ant (Say it quickly ...lol). Greetings from the land downunder.
    • Deaf_Eye_Ant wrote:

      I have tried to keep the report from being being a biased affair, and hope all countries have been fairly reported on to this point.
      You missed England (easily done, as it did nothing, possibly sleeping while war started) and Scotland (now that an interesting maneouvers by it), othe r that that that was fine consolidation of first 8 days
      Fame is fleeting.
      Obscurity is forever.
    • Day eleven dawns and Team 1 no longer has an original Capital, in fact the only capital they have.
      Is the Vatican of Rome as the Cardinal and Reagent for Toulouse was made Pope and has given up worldly wars.
      His holiness was allowed by Portugal to escape to Roma in exchange for peaceful surrender of a number of Toulouse districts which shortened the war by a number of years.

      current VPs Team 1) 172 Team 2) 776
    • Day 14 - Team 1 eliminated.

      269 Points = France
      213 Points = Scotland
      176 Points = Portugal
      131 Points = Castile
      122 Points = Netherlands

      current VPs before reset for Team 2) = 911

      VPs need for Victory are : 1791.

      It has not automatically finished with elimination of team 2.
      Do we have to wait for RESET or Admin intervention ?
      I am Deaf_Eye_Ant (Say it quickly ...lol). Greetings from the land downunder.

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    • Game report part 2.
      Burgundy had used most of his forces on attacking the French, so the fresh Netherlands forces from the north were able to run over a bundle of provinces.
      French units that had been defending were now free to launch into Burgundy as well.
      The real battle for Burgundy lasted another 2 days until Bar-le-Duc (with the Mercenary camp) was final beaten. A few random Scottish, Portuguese & Netherlands units harassed him till he was defeated.
      no teammates came to his support

      England was finished quickly by Scotland and Netherlands, without having raised any defence.

      Toulouse, having failed in his one attempt to rush France at Saintes, suddenly turned all his forces from the front line and began moving to his new capital in Roma (in Italy). In conversations with him, he indicated that while he came in late as a replacement, he felt the country was underdeveloped and he was frustrated by a lack of leadership in his team. While the loss of Burgundy on the frontline was a significant win for Team 2, the removal of all the Toulouse forces from the frontline was tantamount to devastation for Team 1. The Toulouse home provinces were swamped with enemy forces very quickly.

      Aragon and Morocco tried to maintain some defensive lines, with Morocco having the major game strength at sea. The battle moved mostly to the water as the Scottish, Netherlands and just built French & Portuguese fleets clashed. Aragon fortified Jaca and newly acquired Pau & Tarbes then suddenly surged into Castile taking several provinces and threatening Toledo.

      The next day was decisive as France, who had moved the bulk of his forces overnight into Biscarosse and Cahors, now moved against Pau. Aragon paused to reinforce and ceased further incursions upon Castile.
      This day also went against Morocco on the sea.

      What followed from this point was sheer weight of numbers pushing Team 1 back from centre after centre.
      Forces also started landing on Moroccan shores and Castile had landed on the boot of Italy.
      Aragon was next to go with too many directions to defend against.

      Morocco fought the good fight but was now also surrounded, and after another few days was also wiped out.
      This left Toulouse who had bunkered down in his Italian provinces with his remaining forces.
      Another 36 hours and it was over.
      The game ended at dawn on Day 15.

      In summary the game was turned by 3 significant events :
      1. Englands failure to engage in the game,
      2. the ability of France (with Netherlands support) to withstand Burgundies major attack, and
      3. Toulouse abandoning the front line on the 2nd day of battle.

      The final VP needed for Team 2 was 1800, with following individual totals:
      282 Points = France
      220 Points = Scotland
      174 Points = Portugal
      140 Points = Castile
      125 Points = Netherlands
      Total VPs = 941

      With all Team 1 provinces lost, and the Team 1 members well short of the VP requirements to automatically end the game, a ticket was raised to finish it.
      Thanks to all who competed.

      Team 1
      Morocco (Dunerati), Burgundy (Norias), England (Oxalaia), Toulouse (Marzohnne), Aragon (Faithgr)
      Team 2
      Castile (Inviteus),Netherlands (karlovy tim),France (Deaf_Eye_Ant), Portugal (slomoney), Scotland (qixor)
      I am Deaf_Eye_Ant (Say it quickly ...lol). Greetings from the land downunder.

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    • Feedback for team games.

      As latest chatters game clearly showed, in 5 vs 5 match, even one inactive meant hard loss for the corresponding team. And replacing player after start didnt help either. It should be better pointed out of the balance of teams in active players is serious matter.

      Another thing, was lack if in-game support for team coordination. The messagin could and was done a lot, but it should be made easier. like sending team-wide messages and having team-specific chats.
      Fame is fleeting.
      Obscurity is forever.
    • The effect of positioning all players on the immediate borders of their enemies, REQUIRED all players to be active from the commencement of the game, for a fair contest to be had.
      Where players interaction can be more casual, it would be better to ensure that there is at least one county between neighbouring countries - So you can at least see the enemy coming.
      Otherwise, the tardiness of even one player in a team game, can result in their elimination/nobbling before the game has gone a day.

      In agreement with Norias (above) .... Yes, I must agree that the ability to send team specific information is currently APPALLING.
      The workarounds are cumbersome, and do not make the game any easier to play.
      To send a message to all the team, requires individual messages to each player.
      You also cannot hold a chat session among the team, as the only chat available are broadcast to (potentially) all players
      I am Deaf_Eye_Ant (Say it quickly ...lol). Greetings from the land downunder.
    • Hello guys, thanks for the feedback. I agree that there is still much to improve in regards to team game communication. Obvious suggestions would be a team-only chat or multi-recipient messages. While I cannot go into detail here, I can at least confirm that we have this topic on our agenda and will try to come up with a better solution in the future.
      Felix / Alkyonor
      Community Manager
      Bytro Labs GmbH
    • Next game, it will be ensured that people can get into spots where they could be more active.

      I am truly sorry for me not being available much during the game. A lot of events occurred after the commencement of the game. My father went into the ICU with respiratory failure. Since I am only in Uni, I had to fly to Spain to see him until he got out. In addition, my cousin died over the weekend that the game began, so I was very busy planning the funeral that I could not attend with my family overseas. It was truly stressful, but I am hopeful that will not happen again.

      Let's put the inactivity behind us and try to perfect the team match!