NWE Quick Start Guide

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  • NWE Quick Start Guide

    Quick Start guide for New World Empires (NWE)

    This guide is ONLY for reference to help new players understand layout of game after Tutorial Ends (a mini-mini manual of sorts)

    If you have just finished the tutorial then you’re in the 2-30 player Age of Discovery" map.


    After you join a new game the game will open up in a new window.

    Move your cursor over the icons, buttons, and tabs. Doing so will cause some pop-ups to appear given you info on what the various buttons and tabs are.

    No matter the map you choose to play the tabs will ALWAYS be the same and only your country will change (this map is for Naples).

    At the top left corner of the screen you will have YOUR profile/county info and other useful buttons (News, Diplomacy & Research) The NWE Newspaper "Daily Gazette” (DG). The Paper will announce all the important events happening on your map. It follows the Central European Time (CET) time zone.

    You will also find the Diplomacy button opens the Diplomacy List. The Diplomacy List allows you to contact other players and the Artificial Intelligence (AI) who control the other countries on your map. The Spy button opens the “Spy Window”.

    The resource tab is across the top (Unit Caps/ Resources in order Left to right) –Unit, Explorer, Admin and Colonist Caps | Food, Raw materials, Minerals, Goods, Luxury Goods, Manpower and Money. This tab will also show the amount of Ducats you have (and a link to buy/earn Ducats and/or Admiralty)


    A nice new addition to NWE is the introduction of the “ADVISOR”. The Advisor can be found in the top right corner of a new game.

    To use it select it. It will give you three “STRATEGIC" options to choose from, to guide your game play;
    1. Warfare
    2. Economy
    3. Colonization

    Note: New little popups will open at top right hand side to guide you on what to do in any of the strategic options you have chosen.

    Note: The Advisor is only a guide and can be ignored you can play the game the way you want.

    At the Bottom right corner you will have two buttons, one to refresh and the second is the Settings cog (click each to use) below image will show settings cog once selected and the different options within.

    In the left hand side you will have the Chat Box. In chat you have different options. Common chats been “Global” for general talk and “Help” for help with the game. If you are a beta tester (frontline), Have Admiralty membership you can have a s separate chat

    Province Administration

    In the left hand side you will have your Province Administration button, It will be of an arrow half way down. To open the Province Management Pop-up the best way is to click on any of your provinces and it will appear. This is where you see all that your province has to offer, and also where you build/recruit.

    In this window you can either build buildings or produce units click in any build section and then select what you want from the pop up window

    In the picture above, NAPLES (Kingdom of Naples) worth 58 VP, is a "Hills" terrain province. Construction of buildings and production of units can be started by clicking on the “Construction” and/or “Training” buttons (also you have the same option for employing “Spies” and setting up a “Rally Point”).

    The Province Resource Production box (INCOME) shows the icons for “Resource”, “Money”, and “Manpower” that province produces. The Province Morale box (shows a green bar) Fuller= better and more morale %. Red/yellow = bad morale % can rebel to other nation.

    *The lower the morale anything below 25% can see your province rebel to another kingdom/player*

    Note: You can use Ducats to increase province morale as well as lower other player’s province morale (lowering enough will make them rebel and join a new Kingdom. You can also increase morale by building and keeping military units there

    Building Grounds
    Each province has a limited amount of building grounds that can be used to build buildings. When you build a new building in a provicne you need a free ground to be build. You can increase the number of available grounds by increasing the province level.

    It starts with 1 ground in a level 1 colony and eventually reaches 6 grounds in a level 10 Core Province.

    (Note: Higher building levels do not require additional grounds).

    If a building ground is free then It will look like this in both province admin and in province pop up (when province is clicked):

    (Note the number will differ if more then one ground is free and usable)

    If there is no building ground available as the provicne does not have the correct level then it will be locked and unable to use like this in province pop up window:

    This in Province Admin list:

    Victory Points (VPs)

    In NWE every province has VPs. The more you control the more VP you get. VP can also increase by building up provinces, so the total of all VPs in the game will increase the more players advance so the amount needed to win will increase.

    In the picture above, NAPLES (Kingdom of Naples) is worth 58 Victory Points (star symbol)

    There are buildings available like the Monument which will give up to 120 VPs if upgraded to the highest level so it should lead to some nice effects of people teching vs people conquering in the endgame.

    Note: VPs associated with buildings will vanish if they are destroyed/province taking over (province state (core/non-core) and level will remain)

    As it stands the current VP needed to win around 3,162 on the 30 player map.
    Newly captured provinces will be "OCCUPIED" provinces. Send an Administrator to re-establish government (law and order and make them loyal to you) and to turn it into a "NON-CORE" province and later a "CORE" provicne (send admin again) Higher province states are mre productive and allow better buildings.


    In NWE, there are 8 different eras of research (each research era is researchable every 6 days). You will need to research the era before you can research that eras research capability (Research tab is top left)

    You will have 2 research slots to use. 3 research tabs available and many units/buildings to unlock


    To attack your target first select your troops. (Recomend stack - hold cntrl + selecect different units) Do NOT attack target straight away, select a location on the map outside of your enemy village and march them there to merge togther, once done select your now complete stack and press the attack command in pop up and select your target by clicking it.

    NOTE: Once you select a unit the pop up appears offering you different options like march, attack add target, etc. It will also show you other info like arrival time and unit types as well as health (SEE ABOVE IMAGE for INFO)

    Note: After you attack and capture a province send an admin and keep army there to surpress any rebellion. Use Admin to re-establish government (12 hours) (improve province level/state)

    The Spy button is accessible on the main map at the RIGHT side of the screen.

    Clicking it loads up the Spy Submenu (additinally clicking on a provicne will open the province pop up and u can select the spy wind):

    Clicking on a province you own loads up the defence spy window (above image), here you can recruit Counter Espionage Spies

    There are 4 types of Spies - Counter Espionage, Intelligence, Economic and Miltiary Sabotage - each do different jobs, and cost different amounts of upkeep.

    Clicking on any province loads up the right window - the spy recruitment window.

    This window will show all options available for your Espionage needs

    Clicking on a province you do not own loads up the attack spy window (above image). Here you can recruit here the other 3 spies, as well as perform instant actions.

    Instant actions cost Ducats to complete, but they happen immediately, and unlike other spy missions, do not have a chance of failing.

    They include 2 actions from each of the 3 attack spies - which will be explained now:

    An Intelligence Spy reveals information about a country. He can reveal the armies in and nearby a lands. He can also reveal messages that the player spied upon has sent, diplomatic relations, enemy spy position and troop recruitments (at the moment factory productions is displayed). He costs 2000 Gold per day to upkeep.

    A Economic Sabotage Spy damages the economic output of a province. They can destroy resources and lower province morale. They are also able to steal taxes.The destruction of resources and stealing of taxes will appear in the DG. They cost 4000 Gold per day to upkeep.

    A Military Sabotage Spy damages the military output of a province. They can destroy building upgrades, and can reveal all armies for an entire country. Destroying buildings appears in the DG.

    The left side spy window shows all of the spy history - you can load the previous days' spying information

    Spy reports appear in the DG. Spying reports occur at daychange - instant actions give reports immediately.

    Sometimes a spy is able to get away with it's mission - this means that in the DG, the spy mission would be reported as part of the player who was spied on. i.e. The building in province has been damaged. Sabotage cannot be ruled out. However, it is possible for a spy to be captured.

    A spy can be captured before or after completing his mission. If the spy's country of origin is non determined, then the capture report would be reported as part of the player who captured the spy. If the spy's country of origin is determined (this can be random), then the capture report would mention both countries, and be included as part of a joint article, much like how a war is reported.


    Note: This guide remains the intelectual property of Dr. Leprechán ©Squigglerechán Buder Industries.
    Have fun playing!
    Dr. Leipreachán
    NWE Community Coordinator

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