New World Empires Trailers

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    • Hmm,. English is not your first language, is it?
      1. Some of the comments need English grammatical correction. I understand most of the comments intent, and you are definitely on the right track.

      2. Video one (the long one) is all footage from the American Civil War., except the latest 10 seconds.
      This is misleading. Currently no games can be started as an American Civil War. Perhaps better used later if the game expands with that as the emphasis of specific starting maps.
      Also their is no indication of the colonisation and expansion aspects of the game.
      I feel this video misses the mark , as the game currently stands.

      3. Video two (the short one) is pretty much on the money.
      Again the grammar needs to be fixed, but otherwise it is a good representation of the game.
      And lively enough to raise people's interest.

      Doug (the Deaf_Eye_Ant).
      I am Deaf_Eye_Ant (Say it quickly Greetings from the land downunder.
    • Long Video
      1. As an American I find a disconnect between scenes from the Civil War (Getteysburg?) with German music.
      2. The writing is not easily read and needs to be more solid letters than double lined
      3. When a game trailer does NOT show the game you know something is wrong and is a bad trailer.

      Short Video
      1. agree the language needs to be cleaned up so that it sounds professional
      2. strongly urge that you use the snap shots of the game with troops and ships moving
      3. talk more about the interaction of players and the strategic and tactical decisions that are made as well as the economic ones with specific examples...
      4. stick to images of the game.
    • For American Audience: try dropping some ministry on top o' that chick instead of orchestra... holy moly what a change. and all the grammar stuff they said. and suggest an attack shot... multiple provs and units and coming together for an attack. Maybe a thread asking for cool screen shots to put in it.

      perhaps something like this sweet melody...

      guaranteed more hits/likes(western hemisphere)