Peace Period issues

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    • Peace Period issues

      So, I have become proficient in warfare. Have won several games through warfare. But wanted to explore the other dimensions of the game...building, exploring and colonizing. So started a game intended for other people who had a similar idea...wanting to explore those aspects. So I set a long 14 day peace period both for human and computer players. Thinking this would give us all two weeks to build, explore and colonize before any warmongers in the game needed to be dealt with, which I hoped the peaceful would ally to handle those situations. Nice idea. I still want to try it in some fashion. But when I begin the game what I find is this...during a peace period, not only can you not attack other players or computer controlled CANNOT colonize. There you have free colonizable land claimed by no one, but your settlers cannot enter the territory. This seems like a serious design flaw to me. Some admin might want to check into it. Thanks!
    • Yes, I agree.
      I raised a ticket on the issue of the explorer not being able to enter colonizable land from the sea, but you can enter from the an existing land connection - eg. Morocco or Norway.
      And the same restriction was upon the colonists.

      The only response i had so far was the NO AI area should have been invade-able.
      (The ticket has not been closed yet)

      However I contend that Uncolonized areas are NOT AI controlled and should be able to be explored and colonzied without restriction during the peace period.

      This solution would alleviate your issue.
      I am Deaf_Eye_Ant (Say it quickly Greetings from the land downunder.
    • Hello Robert, hello Deaf_Eye_Ant, thank you for your messages. It is indeed a side effect of the way the peace period and civilian units work. We will have to decide on what to change there and how. Meanwhile, please bear with us. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause in your game.
      Felix / Alkyonor
      Community Manager
      Bytro Labs GmbH
    • I am satisfied you understand the issues we were dealing with.
      I also understand the you need to decide on the rules interpretation, before you attempt to code.

      It always takes some idiot who thinks different to find that what you thought was perfectly reasonable, won't work when they think outside the box. LOL

      OK. Now I park the brain, put anticipation on the bench, and work out what i will 'break' next ... ha ha ha.

      btw : thanks to the coders. Hope they are enjoying the challenges :)
      I am Deaf_Eye_Ant (Say it quickly Greetings from the land downunder.
    • So, in greater detail, here is the message I get if I try to move a settler into unsettled land. "Error You cannot attack or invade computer players until the end of day 14" I know this is all still being assessed. My questions settling unclaimed land "attacking" or "invading"? And is unclaimed land a "computer player"? It doesn't seem a natural way of speaking. There is certainly a difference between unclaimed land and (me being France) Burgundy my computer player neighbor. When I move a settler into unclaimed land, WHO am I attacking or invading?
    • Update. So there are 23 colonies by computer players...who sent colonists to unclaimed land and successfully colonized them. All while I could not do the same thing. There is a 14 day peace period set for human and computer players. Does that just mean that human players cannot attack other human players, attack computer players, nor colonize during those 14 days? Seems a bid ridiculous that 17 computer players can colonize 23 different unclaimed lands while we humans can colonize none.