Unit Morale and healing.

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    • Unit Morale and healing.

      Unit Morale and healing.

      This topic has been touched on before the manual was released, but we still have some lingering questions about the topic. So .........
      The Official guide has the following gems of information (sometimes reworded as I understand them):

      1. Infrastructure increases unit speed and money income per level & can provide morale bonuses that only apply in the provinces in which you have constructed this building.

      2. Units (General Details) : Each unit requires certain resources for the daily upkeep, and failing to provide those will reduce their Morale.

      3. Units (Unit Commands) : Forced March: Increases march speed for 50% but gives a morale penalty of 5 per hour.

      4. Admiralty using Ducats (Direct Functions):
      a) Decrease enemy morale(In provinces) = 2,000 Ducats per 10%.
      b) Increase your own provinces morale = 500 Ducats per 10%.
      c) Send reinforcements(Increase troop morale)
      So to summarise my understanding of how we can improve the Morale of our troops without Ducats. 8)
      You need to send your troops to :
      i) a Province that you own (at the daily refresh time);
      ii) that has Infrastructure built;
      iii) and the morale of the Province must be higher than your troop unit's morale.

      Morale will not be improved if your troops are moving during the refresh period; nor if they are in a battle (of course); nor if they are afloat.
      Question 1 : Is there someone who can 'officially' agree with my statements above? :saint:
      (it is so hard to test some of these actions when you are in the middle of a game).

      Question 2 ; Also, does the Market have any effect on troop morale? :/
      (Not stated in the manual, but I think it has been asked before.)
      I am Deaf_Eye_Ant (Say it quickly ...lol). Greetings from the land downunder.
    • As far as I can tell:
      Infrastructure and markets increases the PROVINCES morale, not unit morale.

      There was a discussion that morale increases for troops at a max rate of 15%
      it was never clear whether that was a +15% so a unit at moral of 50 would go to 65 or if it was a multiplier of 15% so a unit of morale 50 would go to 57.5. I suspect it is the later case.

      There is a function of the morale of the province, not sure exactly.

      Units moving in an home province or at sea seem to recover which makes sense since it is a flash point in time function at the change of day.

      As a design feature, the healing is way too low and some experienced players will purposely kill off weak units because it is faster and more efficient to simply build a new one.

      If they would change the design to something like +50 (x) morale of province as a % when in a core province and +25 in an occupied province it would have some interesting impacts on those that attack enemy core areas....

      it might be also interesting to have it modified by if there is a barracks there.

      Restricting Colonial units to healing in a colony or where there is a colonial post might be another twist on things and would keep people from populating their home areas with colonial units because they take only 1 unit slot against the cap. This would add to the complexity of the game play choices which if often a good thing in strategic games.
    • Ok Troops heal at end of day when stationed in 'ANY' owned territory ( i can only comment on stationary units though and not moving ones), when i say any it also includes occupied prov's and colonies. the moral of the prov may have an impact on how much a unit is healed but this has been harder to test, BUT units will heal even if their moral is greater than the prov's that they're in (I tested this personally though it wasn't the objective of the test at the time the test was for an Occupied province)

      Infrastructure as far as i know only effects the max moral of the province and has no impact on troop moral or troop healing. unless the moral of a province influences how much is healed so it would be an indirect thing not a direct
      I also don't believe Markets impact troop healing directly
    • I never Kill Off units lol just keep reinforcing them.
      Not sure about the province morale affecting healing but I know that reinforcing is the best way to heal.

      reg inf A has 50% and Reg inf B has 100% Morale.
      If healing is 10% for their location and time then...

      Apart: A gets 10% and B gets 0% so once they join AFTER dayturn The Brigade has 80%
      Together: Brigade Morale 75% plus 10% gives Brigade Morale of 85%
      so in this example: together they get 5% MORE healing than apart

      just a simplified example