Serious long term problem that needs a solution. Ideas?

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    • Serious long term problem that needs a solution. Ideas?

      Greetings. First let me say, I love the basic game, it has an elegant complexity that I haven't found in any other online strategy game. I love that you can play against other humans, while also having an expanded world that is managed by computer players. The game dynamics allow complexity in several different directions. The game balances in all it's components. There may be some bugs here and there, and that can be annoying, but that is to be expected with a game of this sweep and complexity. But here is the major problem that lets a lot of the air out of the balloon. The abandonment rates in games are atrocious. The computer nations have their place, but I don't really want to be playing and defeating a bunch of computer nations. There is no challenge there. Example: I created a giant 30 player game that didn't start til full, so there was incentive to sign on (I mean who wants to join a huge game like that in day 10 and be behind?!). It took over a month to finally fill the 30 slots. We are in day three. Of the 30 human day 3...only 6 have even bothered to build any buildings...only 5 of that 6 (and none of the other 24) have sent out their explorer or moved any of their units (IOW one person signed on, built some buildings and have abandoned the game forever)...only 3 of that 6 have responded to messages, only 1 at any length. I was looking forward to a vastly complex game with multiple human opponents...some as enemies, some as allies. What I get is 24, probably 27 or 28 sitting ducks, worse even than computer controlled nations. I have ZERO diplomatic potential in this game. This game has only the illusion of complexity. And believe me, I know it isn't the fault of the game designers or admin. So what can be done about this huge problem? It's not just his game, literally every game I have played so far (around 15 games...some were lost to oblivion when I was briefly part of the Pioneers, and got booted from Pioneers because I didn't log in in a timely manner...because the games wouldn't let me log in...not my major complaint, but just wanted to mention it in passing). Anyways, what incentive structure...what carrot and whip...will solve this, for me, HUGE problem. I'm serious about it being a HUGE problem. I don't even want to sign up for more games, it's gonna be the same. I have tried playing games that required a GOLD commitment to join, same problem. Where can this game go that will solve this issue?
    • Robert Parris wrote:

      Example: I created a giant 30 player game that didn't start til full, so there was incentive to sign on (I mean who wants to join a huge game like that in day 10 and be behind?!). It took over a month to finally fill the 30 slots.
      If i have to wait a month before game starts... 99% i have totally forgot about it.

      Best way is like the company is already doing - the brawls, the chatters.

      wanted to join brawl, and it was full in less that a days
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    • Kicking out inactives may have allowed you to enter the game, but in general it doesn't do much to help abandonment rates. Let's say the 24 people in the 30 player game are kicked out. And let's say 24 new people join (not likely) most will join, see the 3 or 4 nations that are already advanced a little, then quit the game themselves because they consider themselves too far behind.
    • Robert:
      1 don't expect 30 for a good game
      2 In Co=op game advertise for game with details set a date to start it game live at 10 players
      3 Let them know serious players only.

      In September I advertised for 3 weeks for a modified role play game we ultimately started with 13 ran 21 days without war lost 3 abandon (2 emailed me with excuses ) 1 didn't. Game ended with 8 players 2 game eliminated.
      It was a great game. lasted about 48 days. So it can be done.
    • Try got into the new Chatters game, it helps as only active people get invited there. This doesn't help for RL troubles, but it weeds off the chaff.

      Also, making a topic in "looking for" forum may help.

      Just making a game launch when full - it wont work, as your found out. Some people will just try and then leave game, some join and then hforget they have said game, so they miss the start.
      Fame is fleeting.
      Obscurity is forever.
    • The Brawl was made to try and help combat this by having a short sign up period or start when full option and the fact it will be run regularly so people will hopefully get used to it and so garner some of the more dedicated players. The short signup means less time for players to forget so we're hoping for less drops.

      There are no rules against advertising your game in Global either infact as long as you don't spam it too often it is slightly encouraged. You will unfortunately always get drop-outs it's human nature. but to advertise your game just let people know there are slots open for the taking and past the game number into the advert.

      Additionally as someone suggested posting imminent games is also allowed in the Forums. and you can link your forum posts in the global chat too.