Design changes

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    • Design changes

      Things to consider to cut the drop out rate:
      1. different games for experienced players that are control at entry by the computer... example have to have completed x games.

      2. change the time factors for building and research at the start so that game moves much faster in the first 5 days, this gets players to commit to the game.

      3. have players able to default to the AI when off line.

      4. have a game with a buy in for the first 5 days and a refund of the buy in on day 5. Example: game costs $5 to start, get the equivalent of the ducats 5 days later to spend ONLY on that game.

      5. have restrictions on ducat use controlled by the machine (avoids blow outs from early money)

      6. Have beginner games that are SHORT... a 7 day game with winner with the most points winning.

      7. alter the point structure to encourage real social interaction and team play. Teams tend to keep people in the game a little longer if they are communicative. Examples. .. have victory points awarded based on your choice of War/Colony/Economic so that each game has three winners
      and there are teams of 3 where there is one of each type. You may get double points for colonies, and half points for every thing else, same thing on economic (core provinces) or War (occupied provinces).

      There is more ideas but it is past nap time ! :thumbsup:
    • 1. That may help, but leaving newbies in their own company may end with even worse cutrate.

      2. Research and build is fine in days -1-3, while initial stockpile lasts. Afterwards, its not the time that delays the progress, its the lack of resources.

      3. Yes, a vacation mode with AI ruling may be fine. possibly need ducats to initiate?

      4. Dont see many use said option... If i buy in game, i spend in that game NOW, not a week later.

      5. Guilty as charged, did same in my first game. Though... Any restrictions on spending may be counterproductive for company.

      6. Beginner game being shorter has its merits. Maybe the tutorial game should have a time limit for ending, in addition to VP.

      There should be better ways to team communicate. Maybe implement team-wide mails at least??
      Fame is fleeting.
      Obscurity is forever.
    • The idea of a buy in with a 5 day refund is to generate some money as well as to give people an incentive to continue plus with the ducats coming at day 5 it is in time to help correct some of the errors that a new player learns they have made.

      the point of making the first 3 days fast is that you want to build up the daily login habit, that is why a lot of games have incentives for people who check in every day. Say you give everyone 1000 ducats for the first 5 days.
      also from a guerrilla marketing aspect, people who begin to use ducats tend to be come more likely to continue to use them (this is one of the reasons for a ducat diet limit in a game of say 5000 a day).