Notice: Balancing Update Scheduled for April 11, 2017

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    • The resource changes are having a disastrous effect throughout the game. Even a big colonial empire is reduced to poverty. Everything is slowed down because of lack of resources. The increased provinces being your starting provinces they don't affect a large empire much. Also, the reduced production from colonies makes building up your trade posts to level 3 almost prohibitive as the maintenance costs have not been reduced.
    • You should have muuuch more money than before, so you can buy missing resources on the market. Before the patch market prices where down to minimum because no one needed resources, now there is finally a need for it (which should also drive their prices up a bit).

      Another smart thing to do would be to upgrade your own core provinces. Because of their increased production upgrading them makes even more sense than before the patch.
      And of course also conquering some other big countries that also produce more now.
    • Building up your core provinces only works at the beginning. Once you get a big empire (and you need a very big one for victory) your core provinces are too few to help much. And you can't just core captured big countries because coring was made so expensive in a previous update. The market is now not only far too expensive but runs out of stuff so you can't buy it at any price.

      This update is a disaster and clearly it was not tested properly if at all in the mid and end game.

      And it was outrageous to apply it to ongoing games where people had already spend a great deal of time under rules that required a different strategy.
    • Not only did the frontier games take most of the test period to start up, they only tested the first few days of the game. And the resulting complaints were ignored.

      I don't mind changing strategy for a new game but the changes devastated positions that I had been building for a long time and can't just change. The changes should never have been applied to ongoing games!

      Not that there appears to be strategy to succeed in the end game with the new rules except waiting for everyone else to drop out and declaring victory alone. You don't seem to realize what the reduced resources for colonies implies for meeting the victory point total.