Do all buildings provide there service at the % of damage

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    • Do all buildings provide there service at the % of damage

      I asked this due to my careful due diligence in trying to determine when it is cost effective to repair

      Case in point
      I recently repaired a market building which cost me an equivalent of 1050 silver (assuming 3 silver cost to each commodity)
      This was in a level 4 non-core it returned to me 1 silver today in new taxation gee it must have been yielding 90% of its taxation value already
      so it will only take the game to last 1050 days to pay for that repair get my point.

      Repair charges are completely out of whack. Even if I got my 15% which would have been 45 silver a day the game would have had to last 23 more days to pay for itself. I just wish to point this out so a the developer can look at this problem I know some buildings when damaged don't work at all.

      What buildings quit working when damaged and what ones work at a percentage. It makes no since that a level 2 barracks is damaged but level 1 still works oh and what about the costs are they being charged at level one or level 2. Buildings in disrepair should either work or not work. With the exception of Fortresses they should provide a % of defense as damage occurs but they should also have a damage line that can be monitored.
    • ive found that the best bang for your buck is colonies in regards to resources ,the cost to level it to 3. place a lvl 1 infra (the max) and lvl 3 trade post...they almost produce as much resc's as a lvl 6 core prov. and way easier to maintain repair ,monitor..etc... if you had repaired a market in a core Provence you would have gotten a better return on your repair... but being a non core your return on investment in the repair has more to do with the -75% reduction across the board for being a non-core Provence...they in MHO are a sucker play...i keep AI acquired non-cores to a minimum..and convert them to core as soon as possible...and only acquire any in large amounts at the end of a game when im taking out a large active player or players to end the game when the loss and cost become irrelevant as the game will end at most in days
    • The point being captconn is the game is still in development and there needs to be balance so that you can defend against the mighty and still have a path to victory and why have a repair function at all if it is not reasonable cost to complete. When they start really getting down to Victory Points fairness then we will have a potential of Parity eg. 0 VPs for occupied territory 30% VP for non core and 100% VPs for Core buildings + 1 VP per building that is fully repaired. Oh and of course the non military path of exploration = new VP's and bonus VP buildings like monuments. Why should somebody that walks in a ravages a village get the spoils of the local mines without some re-development.
    • i do understand my friend that the game is in development and wasnt meant as a criticism of your point.. maybe i over explained... so ill try again... its hard to judge the benefit of cost verses benefit to a building that is damaged and turned off in a non core provence when the provence is operating at -75% reduction across the board irregarless of rather you repair the building or not ..until it is converted to core ..and the cost to repair is the same core or non core...convert it to core and then redo a cost vs benefit assessment of the building repair..and in that cost dont forget the cost of 2 admin's to raise it from lvl 4 to lvl 5 so you can convert..then add the cost of converting to core.. then calculate the cost of repair.. it may seem like you spent even more ..but your return in the end will be better...its why i dont repair until i convert to core unless im very desperate for a particular resource.. which is rare as my colonies have always covered that..

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    • "The point being captconn is the game is still in development and there needs to be balance so that you can defend against the mighty and still have a path to victory"

      as far as defending myself and a path to in map 7 now and will win...of the 6 previous games i won 3 and gave 1 to a team mate even tough i could have taken it...because he taught me how to really play this game..of those 4 games i acquired from 225-300 troops... sufficient to defend and last 3 maps has been an experiment to see how little i need to do last map i had my original 10 core and only 16 ai provences converted to core plus 57 colonies...the map im on now i have my original 10 plus only 4 AI provences ..and 43 colonies..and at era 6 i still have 100 troops to defend and this point on the map im playing i could win right not taking it down at the moment as im experimenting in the best bang for my buck to boost my manpower production..more colonies or more higher lvl cores provences

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