What would you do in such situation?

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    • What would you do in such situation?

      I just joined this game, playing in three campaigns for just few days but I have a very disappointing situation.

      In one of the campaigns I am playing, we are only 4 active players - there are some others but they are definitely not playing since they are stagnant. I have not talked with any other yet and trying to figure out the game. Suddenly, I realized the other 3 created an alliance I said to myself 'What the frack!"

      I am an old strategy lover, played supremacy 1914 and countless others, had to stop playing due to my work for several years, and when I am back I see such cheapness. In the old times, people play those games to have fun and fair fights, what is the meaning of creating an alliance against one player just at the beginning of the game - and I am not the strongest one by the way, 3rd in the list. I uploaded the pics, I am the Palatinate and Scotland, Denmark and Naples created an alliance.

      Is it how the online strategy games changed since I left the game scene? If everybody is playing these games just to get points, than there is no meaning for me to continue. I really enjoyed playing against strong opponents, have long campaigns, and enjoy the journey - not finish the game in the 4th day.

      Any comments or suggestions regarding this situation? If it is the new norm, it seems I am spending my time here for nonsense -please tell me that it is something not common and those dudes are not the current stereotype players, please..

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    • i understand your frustration...but.. ive fond at the beginning of a game a lot players it seems, especially among in experienced players want to enter alliances and allyships with every live person on the map...i wouldn't worry about it too much... i always refuse alliances and allyships unless there is a mutual need or benefit...example Crimea on day 2 wanting to be my ally in Scotland serves no purpose to me yet...i politely decline..with the cavot that such an alliance up the road may be possible if needed...and concentrate on building an army...for my protection and the economy needed to support it...as an old hand once taught me in another game.."troops,troops,troops..you can build all the pretty cities ya want..but without troops to defend it you've already lost"...i can assure you these players are "grinders" that are making alliances between themselves i.e. "i wont attack ya'll if ya'll wont attack me while i spend the next 50 days "grinding" the prettiest provinces and economy" all the while funneling little or no money or resources to their own defense ..feeling secure in all their "alliances" ..it has nothing to do with you..play on brother...
    • for an example that would work for this thread ..and the most funnest moments threads on the forum..i had a player a couple of maps ago that was a live player in central Europe from era 1 to around era 4 that kept pestered the sh*t out of me ..wanting to ally with me and kept offering pass thru in the offer... i had already took England and Cornwall... and no matter how many times i tried to explain..if i own all of the British isles ..where exactly does this offer help YOU..where do you plan on passing thru to? its an fricking island and i own it ...and no he wasn't trying to use the pass thru trick to take me down..he was just inexperienced and thought that it was the only way an alliance can be made
    • stay with it brother.. it aint about the score..there are players out here like me who love playing against live players.it may sound strange but i hope they are in league against you...why so many players seek the easy way out and never enjoy the abject joy,frustration, and comic hilarity in interacting with live players...i have and its made me love this game even more..... ive had moments ive laugh so hard i had tears in my eyes...frustration...try coordinating a battle plan with an ally you've never played with before..i was ally with a guy once..i had the troops so the plan was i was the hammer and he would come in behind and take the provinces so he did suffer any losses.. we won the operation but it was a complete cluster mess from the start he always ended up in front taking the losses and me chasing behind him...joy... a couple of ops later we worked like a swiss watch together..by the end of the map we were unstoppable..hang in there buddy...im fixing to start a new map in a day or so..if ya want send me message and ill find a map and show ya what hoot this game can be...
    • I say "Hi" and offer right-of-way just to start a conversation. Can't start an alliance or a friendship without words. Whether the other guy turns into enemy or ally, getting a handle on how they think is another weapon in my arsenal.
      It's got my troops all over it. That makes it mine. - Henry II, The Lion in Winter

      Half these quotes aren't even Machiavelli, . . . doesn't anybody check these? - Machiavelli

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    • Dear M-Ray

      Much like yourself I play strategy games like this to teach and learn new strategies. To find another way of conquering without compromising my economy and my troops. It is a hard lesson but one worth playing - there is no fun in marauding like grasshoppers across a field with your "buddies" on your side. I play games like this as I love History and I challenge myself every time to learn something new.

      Sadly - what you referring to is what the kids call "wolf-packing" (a great analogy I might add) which is just silly but brutal and removes ALL FUN FROM THE GAME.

      If you do find yourself in this situation it is devastating as it serves no purpose other than fuelling mediocrity as there is clearly no winner only death.

      Consider listing people you like playing with and join Role Play Games or create your own and invite people who responded to your post to join you and see where it goes. The beauty of the "New World" of online gaming is that we can be antipodal and yet share a "living room".

      Dont be a stranger and above all HAVE FUN.