Updated victory conditions and balancing

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    • Updated victory conditions and balancing

      today’s update is all about balancing. Your feedback and our evaluations show a clear picture: there are too many resources in the game. We have adjusted costs and upkeep for high level buildings to make the game more interesting.
      In order to make it actually winnable, we furthermore decreased the number of victory points needed to win from 60% to 30%. The actual number will still increase when new upgrades giving VPs are built - but the overall number should be less astronomically high.
      This means three or four players can now battle it out in an head-to-head race till the end!
      Besides the main balancing changes, there are a couple of other fixes and improvements:
      Features & Fixes
      • Reduced Victory Points for winning to 30% (~2500 Points)
      • New statistics articles for colonization and exploration in the newspaper
      Resource balancing
      • Increased costs of higher levels of buildings
      • Increased upkeep costs of some buildings and most units
      • Increased the costs of researches in the later eras
      • Reduced the gain of manpower per province level from 90 to 70
      General balancing
      • Reduced the research time of all light military researches from 30 to 24h
      • Reduced the research time of all heavy military researches from 48 to 32h
      • Reduced the research time of royal guards researches from 48 to 32h
      • Increased the research time of all exploration land unit researches from 8 to 24h
      • Increased the research time of all administration land unit researches from 8 to 24h
      • Reduced the victory points of capital to 5
      • Fixed ships sometimes moving in the wrong direction
      • Updated unit images of natives
      User Interface
      • Implemented new visualization of province level in prov bar
      • Empty build slots are shown in province list
      • Fixed: Confirmation dialog for civil units too big on small screens
      • Fixed: Some province levels aren't shown in "administration" section of production screen
      • Fixed: Floating tips did not always vanish
      • Fixed: render problem of some scaled icons in FF and IE
      Adviser got additional advices
      • Diplomacy with players and AI countries (messages & relations)
      • Use idle colonists
      • Build trade company in colonies
      • Better unit research advice in military focus
      • Ship researches are advised for all trees
      • Buy missing resources for construction
      • Fixed: Ground troops didn’t disembark if when attacked
      • Fixed: All units had no view range on plains

      We hope you like the changes,
      Your New World Empires Team