Little Mines

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    • Little Mines

      Playing alliance tournaments has taught me to use administrators as spies- generally to see the enemy troops in position- then I can relay this vital information to my companions, using shared intel or shared map. Administrators do have their part, cause they are fairly cheap, however never use them to stall an enemy(like a mine). The best unit to use as a mine is the explorer, they can move rapidly into position and can be made in a minute. What or why would u need them for this? Say an enemy ship is on the hunt and you already see his course of action..Your ships can't get there in time for a rescue, if you have explorers in the area you may be able to squeeze him on a star or circle in front of him (make sure you are at war or this will not work). Explorers when attacked still have to go through the attack phase which can give you that needed time u may want- sparing other troops..Works the same on land when someone uses a horsey to create mayhem across the board, but they do use them wisely..
      pps- Fortresses do not work without troops! 8o