A new and improved Warhammer RP

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    • A new and improved Warhammer RP

      Hello! Some people may have seen a post a while back I made about starting a Warhammer Fantasy role play. Well, I got about three people interested in that, took a break from the game for a while, and now I'm back with better knowledge of the game and the Warhammer universe, and I think I am ready to give it another go. For people who looked at the old thread and saw how long the rules were: this one takes most of the complicated and dumb ones out. Also, for anyone who wants the rationale and lore behind my rules, I'll be making a google docs with various stuff related to this RP, you can check it out there. I'll put a link here, and put some stuff on the docs eventually:

      First rule: please follow the rules. If you don't, then there is really no point to this game, and I will be very sad that someone ruined my fun idea. Don't be the jerk who ruins it for everybody. If anyone does start breaking rules just to be a troll, I hope that everyone will be willing to annihilate them mercilessly, then return to the game.

      Second general rule: Casus belli. You must have a reason and a goal when declaring war. Once that goal is met, you cannot continue aggressive action in the war unless your enemy refuses your peace offer. Once they surrender though, if your goal is still met, you must accept peace. Please don't jsut make a complete conquest war goal for every player war, though; that's just not very fun for the RP. Valid reasons and goals can be anything from the lore that you can support as being in the lore (I.E it is quite clearly mentioned in the wiki) and a valid reason, a product of events in the RP, or you can, every 20 days, make up something that is mostly lore friendly and makes sense with the current state of the game. You must specify that this is what you are doing, though, in the newspaper declaration of war (btw you have to post a declaration of war in the newspaper before any of your units come into contact with enemy soldiers or provinces) that you make. Every war ends with the attacker having a 7 day period in which they cannot again attack the defender, though if both sides agree the truce length can be changed. The defender, though, immediately has valid reason to invade, and a goal similar to what the former attacker's goal was can be set.

      Third rule: No attacking nations marked as inactive or playable nations that are not yet taken. Unplayble nations are subject to a few different rules, read my note about them at the very bottom.

      Fourth Rule: No colonizing unless you are chaos or have a land border with colonization land. Most faction cannot have more colonies than core provinces, though chaos can have as many colonies as total core, non core, and occupied provinces.

      Now, to the actual meat of this RP: the factions. I have, after some minimal thought, assigned each in-game playable nation a corresponding faction in the Warhammer lore, trying to fit in all of the major races in the old world. Just reply and tell me which nation you want, I will mark you down, and give you the password when the round starts.Whichever nation you pick should influence how you RP and what rules will apply to you.

      You can (mostly) stop reading here.
      Everything from here on out concerns specific factions. If, for example, you read the Empire rules and immediately know that you want to be Bavaria, nothing else need concern you. Just figure out which nation you want to be and tell me as a reply. I'll give you the password and some more specifics once I start the game in a week or two. Make sure to read the note on AIs at the bottom, though.

      First off, we have the Empire (a faction of order), one of the most iconic and popular Warhammer races. This is a tough one to balance, because it is so OP. Nations that are provinces of the empire: The Palatinate, Austria, Bavaria, Bohemia, Brandenburg, and the Teutonic Knights. Units: The Empire can use light ship, heavy ship, light infantry, heavy cav, light artillery, all modern units, and Royal Gaurd. Special rules: The Empire is ruled, obviously, by an emperor. He has the power to force 1 empire faction per day to pay him a tax of 1 unit OR 4 hours of the faction's production of 1 recourse. (I.E, if Brandenburg makes 234 raw materials per hour, he would have to pay the emperor 936 raw materials if the emperor asked him to. Only once a day, though). The emperor starts as The Palatinate, but will have the possibility to change whenever the emperor himself dies (the faction is destroyed, the player who is emperor decides to kill him for RP, or every 10 days). A vote will be held by empire factions; they can vote for any empire faction except themselves, including the newly deceased emperor. Diplomacy: Empire factions may fight each other, but they cannot conquer more than half of each other's victory points in a single war. They cannot attack a non empire nation unless the Emperor gives them permission. If one of them is attacked by a non empire nation, they must all declare war on the attacker, and make peace when the war is over. Actual participation in the war is optional.... Nations can leave the diplomatic empire at any time, though they might have to fight a war of revolution. The Emperor can order wars of conquest to force nations to join the empire, or nations can just join, provided they are not in any other multi nation factions.

      Next is Brettonia
      , a chivalrous feudal society. France, Dijon, and Toulouse are Brettonian dukedoms. Units: Light Ship, light infantry, any cavalry, [i]and Royal Gaurd. [/i]Special rules: Brettonia is ruled by a king, who starts as Burgundy. Every war that he enters may either call upon his vassals to join him, or levy a single unit from each of them. He must enter into any war that is declared upon his vassals. The king can be changed by a rebellion by his vassals-a war in which at least one vassal of Brettonia declares war on the king. The king can surrender at any time, which will cause the rebel to become the new king. All dukedoms of Brettonia must join in on one side or other of a rebellion war. Diplomacy: Brettonian dukedoms must have very good, chivalrous reason to fight each other. They may invade outside nations without the king's permission, unless the King is allied with them. Nations can leave the diplomatic Kingdom of Brettonia at any time, though they might have to fight a war of rebellions. The King can order wars of conquest to force nations to join the kingdom, or nations can just join, provided they are not in any other multi nation factions.

      Now we get the the Dwarfs, a bunch of bearded Tyrion Lannisters who always pay their debts (pls no spoilers only on book 3). Lithuania, Ukraine, Crimea, and Venice are members of the Karaz Ankor. Units: Heavy ship, light infantry, heavy infantry, modern infantry, light artillery, heavy artillery, modern artillery, [i]and Royal Gaurd. [/i]Special rules: The Dwarfs must avenge all grudges. Any time a Dwarfen nation is attacked by a non dwarf, the entire Karaz Ankor (all Dwarfen nations) will have a grudge against them for all Dwarf soldiers killed and all provinces conquered. All dwarf factions will have reason for war to avenge these wrongs, with the goal for any grudge war being to inflict the same amount of damage to the enemy. For example, if the Ottoman orcs take three provinces off of the Crimean dwarfes and kill 3,000 of their soldiers while only losing 1,000, any dwarf faction can attack the Ottomans until three provinces have been conquered (retaking lost provinces does not count towards this) and 2,000 Ottoman soldiers have been killed. They also may not upgrade any non-mountain provinces to core unless they build a fortress in it. Diplomacy: An attack on one does not necessarily mean an attack on all, but the High King (Crimea) can, every ten days, declare that someone currently invading a dwarf hold must be declared war upon by all dwarf holds. He can also, every ten days, declare a Karaz Ankor wide war on an outside enemy. The king can only be replaced if a majority of Dwarfen factions agree that he is ineffective and nominate a replacement.

      Vampire counts were my favorite race to play as in TW:WH, before I realized how dull that game actually is. Poland, Hungary, and (I am including the Tomb kings as Vampire counts because I know nothing about them except that they are basically Egypt. They should probably have been Mamluk, but I wanted that for Greenskins, and I didn't need a whole lot of factions for Araby) Ifriqiya. Units: Light infantry, colonial infantry, heavy cavalry, mercenary infantry, modern infantry, light ship, heavy ship, [i]and Royal Gaurd. [/i]Special rules: If you win a war with someone, you can force them to give you one unit (doesn't have to be one you can recruit normally, but you can't choose what it is) for every province of theirs you end with that you did not start with. Diplomacy: You can make a special war reason/goal to become emperor of the Empire, which is basically just you and any allies fighting any Empire nations who decide to resist until you can convince them all to surrender. You are now Emperor, all nations currently part of the Empire owe you fealty, and you will never be not Emperor because vampires don't die. You can be overthrown in a rebellion, though... Also, the Empire cannot attack you until you've attacked at least one of them first, just to try to prevent you from getting roflstomped one day 2.

      Chaos: Everyone else's worst nightmare. Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Scotland, and England just want to see the world burn. Units: Galley, colonial infantry, heavy infantry, heavy cavalry, heavy artillery, [i]and Royal Gaurd. [/i]Special Rules: Because they just want to destroy the world, chaos cannot upgrade any provinces to non core except those that border core provinces OR that are in Scandinavia/British Isles OR that have been in their realm for at least 10 days. Colonies can make up up to half of your provinces, though. Diplomacy: Infighting is totally allowed, but be careful, because once a chaos faction declares war on any non chaos, Beastmen, or Skaven faction, that Chaos faction cannot go to peace, ROW, or share map with any factions of the declared upon faction's race, unless the chaos invasion has been completely defeated. IE, if England invades France, England is at war with France, Burgundy, and Toulouse until Brettonia is completely destroyed or England's army has been smashed beyond easy repair. Basically, Chaos ally up with each other. Because you cannot ally with non chaos/beastmen/skaven factions. No faction (except Kislev) can attack chaos before chaos attacks a non chaos faction.

      Beastmen: Chaos, with goats. Portugal is infested with talking goats. They don't talk English, though; Creative Assembly saw to that. Units: Galley, light infantry, light cavalry, heavy cavalry, modern artillery, modern cavalry, [i]and Royal Gaurd. [/i]Special Rules: Becuase they are chaos with talking forest goats, they cannot upgrade any provinces to non core unless they border already core provinces, OR are forests, OR have been in your empire for at least 10 days. Diplomacy: Because they are chaos with light talking forest goats, if they declare war on a faction they cannot go to peace with that faction unless the Beastmen invasion is soundly defeated, though they don't have to be at war with the entire race. Cannot ally with non chaos/skaven factions.

      Kislev: Novgorod does not want to become a tasty chaos snack, but they are kind of right there and kind of all alone, so why not? Units: Light ship, light infantry, heavy infantry, heavy cavalry, mercenary cavalry, mercenary infantry, modern cavalry, heavy artillery, [i]and Royal Gaurd. [/i]Special Rules & Diplomacy: they can invade chaos before chaos invades them, and if they do so they can go to peace, since chaos did not start the war. Really can't think of a whole lot else special about Kislev that I could use here. They could join the Empire I guess?

      Dogs of War are a bunch of mercenaries. As such, The Netherlands, Castile, Aragon, and Serbia may only recruit mercenary Units (and light ships). Special Rules & Diplomacy: However, DoW factions may choose to join Brettonia or the Empire, allowing them to recruit the units those races are allowed while they are a part of that mega faction. Any DoW faction that has 20 provinces and a level 9 or 10 capital may form a new mega faction similar to the Empire, allowing any members to recruit any regular (not modern) troops as well. Any factions that successfully leave the Empire or Brettonia may choose to become DoW factions (giving up their previous recruitment abilities).

      Skaven don't exist, and if you say they do then you're going to get a visit from some witch hunters. They definitely don't live in Naples (should be Tilea, I know, I'm trying to stuff all the races in here and still have it be semi balanced). Units: Colonial infantry, light infantry, light cavalry, galleys, [i]and Royal Guard. [/i]Special Rules and Diplomacy: They have right of way with everyone who they are not currently at war with, though they can't give any non chaos/beastmen right of way, or any other sort of alliance. Empire factions cannot declare war on them until the Empire has either lost three wars or won one war against the non existent giant rats. Also, colonies can make up up to half of your provinces.

      Greenskins are also a fan favorite. Hejaz, Ottoman, Bulgaria, Mamluk, and Muscovy are Green (well, Hejaz and Muscovy are, and you could convince yourself about Mamluk). Units: Light ship, light infantry, light cavalry, heavy infantry, heavy cavalry, light artillery, light ship [i]and Royal Gaurd. [/i]Special Rules: Orcs is kinda stupid, so no using the global stock market thing on the top of the screen (trading resources in diplomacy is fine), and no building universities (repairing them is fine, though). Diplomacy: For Greenskins fans, I'm sorry, but I was never really into them, so all I can really think of for diplomacy: you don't need a valid reason or goal to invade someone, and you are not bound by treaties. Basically, just do diplomacy the way you would do in a normal NWE game. Except greener.

      Woodelves exist and they have pointy ears. Also some stuff about seasons. Savoy is Athel Loren. Units: Light infantry, light cavalry, colonial infantry, colonial cavalry, heavy infantry, heavy ship, [i]and Royal Gaurd. [/i]Special Rules: They cannot upgrade any non-forested regions to core. They also, because of that season thing I mentioned, can only declare war for a five day period every five days. I.E, they can declare war for days 1-5, but not 6-10, but again for 11-15, and then not again for 16-20, etc. They can finish wars already declared, though.

      I know literally nothing about Araby except that they invaded Estalia one time. Oh look, the wiki says they are literally Arabians. I'll make rules for Morocco based on Medieval Islamic nations, then. Units: Light infantry, light cavalry, mercenary infantry, colonial cavalry, galley, light ship, [i]and Royal Gaurd. [/i]Special rules & Diplomacy: You can declare war on anyone with the goal to make them convert to your religion. If they agree to convert to your religion, you get to keep 1/5 of the provinces you captured (or at least one) and they must pay you 4 hours of their production of every recourse. This is kinda lame, but they got no lore to work with, and the Medieval Middle East doesn't really lend itself to this kind of thing very well.

      AIs: As mentioned above, you are not allowed to attack playable nations that are not currently being controlled by a player. However, you can attack non playable AIs (the empire does not need the emperor's permission. Some rules do apply: you need a valid reason and goal, which for most AIs can probably be complete conquest. To aid you in finding valid lore reason and goals, I have made this map showing what nations are which race: docs.google.com/document/d/10E…INhHIdCbpXJyiHnTV5bE/edit Don't ask me what any of it actually is, if you think you see it it's fine. Unless you think you see Illuminati, in which case I am done.

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