{RPU}Caliphs and Kings:1223AD Medieval RP

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    • {RPU}Caliphs and Kings:1223AD Medieval RP

      Caliphs and Kings:1223 AD

      This RP is loosely based on the year 1223 AD and the crusader time periods. Many issues plague Europe and the middle east, internal feudal wars, holy wars and a new threat from the east is said to be rising. Many European nations have become to get ever increasingly independent and doing things outside of the catholic church's wishes. The Pope has begun to launch more and more crusades into heathen lands in an attempt to heal that trend.

      But the Islamic Sultans despite their differences have begun to resent these new Infidel kingdoms barging into lands they once conquered and have re-ignited a holy warrior culture to meet the europeans with.

      -Each day is 1 year.
      -No Ducat usage at all.
      -Tech Rules MUST be followed and if not will result in coalition war, or possibly removal from the game.
      -No colonization accept when Admin(Beaver) dictates certain close regions that may be open for colonization(but rp as being conquered not colonized)
      -Declare war on another player and post the article before engaging. If possible do so when that player is online but that's not essential.
      -Changing your religion takes 10 days, you must post at least 3 different articles about the steady change throughout those 10 days.
      -All eras may be researched for the sole purpose of unit cap research. Absolutely no one is permitted to research nor build any unit or building past level 3.
      -Province level 8 is the limit for province upgrading.
      -Buildings that are allowed to be researched and built: Barracks lvl 1-3, University lvl 1, Infrastructure lvl 1-2, Mercenary Camp lvl1-2, Market lvl 1-2, Fortress lvl 1-2, Workshop lvl 1-2, Monument lvl 1, Colonial Office lvl 1-2, Trade company lvl 1.
      -Units that are allowed to be researched and built: Light inf lvl 1-3, Light Calvary lvl 1-3, Light Arty lvl 1-3, Heavy Reg.Inf lvl 1-3, Heavy Calvary lvl 1-3, Heavy Arty lvl 1-3, Royal Guards lvl 1, Mercenary Inf lvl 1-2, Colonial Inf lvl 1-2.

      • There are province limits per war that you must abide. 5 Provinces may be taken per war. You may not invade more than 5 either.
      • Once a nation is reduced to 5 provinces it must become a vassal.
      • 5 days(5 years) is to be the mandatory peace length between wars. Although Wars may carry on as long as possible until province capture limit is reached or peace or vassalization occurs.
      • Once a nation's capital is taken then the war is over and the nations whose capital was taken loses. They do not have to become a vassal unless they are at 5 provinces or choose to.
      • Only up to 3vs3 is allowed to fight. In a crusade or Jihad more than 3 can fund and help through trading units but only up to 3vs3 physical wars will be tolerated.
      • Once the mongols arrive in 1250 AD(hopefully if LS is done by then), they will be following no war rules(but will abide gameplay rules). They will not vassalize 5 prov nations or spare your nation unless they chose to. The Mongols can wipe you out but they are the only nation that will be allowed to wipe out and also be wiped out once they arrive.

      Please follow the follow terms for articles and if also in chat if you wish:
      Mercenary Camp=Same Name
      Market=Same Name
      Monument=Religious place of worship(cathedral, Mosque.etc)
      Colonial Office=Magistrates Office
      Trade company=Traders Camp
      Light inf=Archers/Crossbowmen
      Light Calvary=Same Name
      Light Arty=Catapult
      Heavy Reg.Inf=Pike, Halberdier, Men-at-arms
      Heavy Calvary=Knights
      Heavy Arty=Trebuchet
      Royal Guards=Soldiers
      Mercenary=Mercenary Soldiers
      Colonial Inf=Militia, Peasants

      (red means it is a vassal-except brandenburg)
      1.The Almohad Dynasty(Morocco):
      2.Mamluks(Mamluks)”Ayyubids”:SD Warrior
      3.The Ayyubid Dynasty(Ayyubids):
      4.The Sultanate of Rum(Ottomans):

      5.Kingdom of Portugal(Portugal):
      6.Kingdom of Leon(Toulouse):
      7.Kingdom of Castile(Castile):
      8.Kingdom of Aragon(Aragon):
      9.Kingdom of Ireland(Netherlands)”England”:
      10.Kingdom of Bavaria(Bavaria)”HRE”:
      11.Kingdom of Scotland(Scotland):
      12.Kingdom of England(England):
      13.Kingdom of France(France):
      14.Kingdom of Burgundy(Burgundy)”HRE”:
      15.Kingdom of Italy(Savoy):John Pete
      16.Republic of Genoa(The Palatinate)”HRE”:
      17.Kingdom of Sicily(Naples)”HRE”:
      18.Republic of Venice(Venice):
      19.Crusader States/Papal States(Ifriqiya):
      20.Kingdom of Hungary(Hungary):
      21.Kingdom of Germany(Brandenburg)”HRE-Leader”:
      22.Kingdom of Bohemia(Bohemia)”HRE”:
      23.Kingdom of Poland(Poland):
      24:Kingdom of Denmark(Denmark):
      25:Kingdom of Norway(Norway):
      26:Kingdom of Sweden(Sweden):
      27.Order of the Sword(Teutonic Order):King Vacco

      28.Novgorod Republic(Novgorod):
      29.Grand Duchy of Moscow(Muscovy):
      30.Byzantine Empire(Austria):
      31.The Bulgarian Empire(Bulgaria):Zews
      32.Kingdom of Serbia(Serbia):SirBeaver(Admin)
      33.Kingdom of Georgia(Ukraine):

      34.Grand Duchy of Lithuania(Lithuania):
      35.Mongol Empire(Crimean Khanate):Lightning Turk

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