I need a NEW game, with serious players!

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    • I need a NEW game, with serious players!

      Hello I am Sir Knightsbridge

      I am currently looking for a new game, with serious players, players that will not only open a game, and then disband it, because they where not happy with the nation they where given.

      I need a game that is fairly recently started up, and that have a number of experienced players. I am checking my games every day, sometimes more that one time, and I try to play fair and avoid attacking human gamers, and I can pay coins for attendance.

      I am currently attending 6 games;

      2082318 - Bohemia
      2083345 - Naples
      2084310 - Brandenburg
      2088392 - Ukraine
      2097481 - Brandenburg
      2098223 - Novgorod

      Please invite me to your game, and tell me why I should join you.

      Yours friendly
      Yours friendly