Brawl super competition!

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    • Brawl super competition!

      Greetings, Kings & Queens,

      Its time to announce that the Brawl is going to make a big change, as you all know the Brawl runned by Bytro. Each period there is a map you can join, without signing up.

      First off all the rules are not much changed, but please read them accurate!

      - random country selection.
      -The game will be force-started.
      -There's no peace period, so choose your allies (and enemies) fast! ( The Brawl organizer will check this )
      -There is a maximum of two allies
      -There's no other rules - apart from good sportsmanship.

      also we are used to have just ONE speed map, this is going to change as well. For now you have to sign up, and if one speed map is full we will start another when we got enough players.

      Through the forum you can sign up, once you sign up you agree with the rules and you promise to stay active during the match. A forum Thread will be made by a Brawl organizer.

      We will made a list of all the players who are going to join the new Brawl, we can do this after the first round. All players will start with 1000 points, after your match your points will rise our drop it all depends if you win our lose.

      How many points you rise our drop has to be yet considered, we will add this soon!

      If you win a game you will get a prize!

      1# 10k Ducats!
      2# 5k Ducats
      3# 2,5k Ducats

      The link will be shared on the chat and forum!
      Former EN Main Admin

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