House of Habsburg

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    • House of Habsburg

      The House of Habsburg wants active gamers. Will accept any level player that is willing to learn the more finesse aspects of NWE. Military, economic, political, colonization, and strategic thinking. All human players are your opponents from the very beginning of the game, even if they are on the other side of Europe from you. Honorable, but honorable in opposition. Taking the game to higher levels than most play at. Some aspects are simple and should be a part of your regular play. Other facets of the game present themselves from time to time and you should be able to recognize them and exploit them appropriately. You will be required to play in some Alliance sanctioned games, both for learning and development, and simply for the advantages inherent in having a completely trustworthy ally in games. Active players only. If you log in every day and spend at least 5 minutes assessing and taking actions, then you qualify. However, do not join so many games that you are hyper extended. If you can handle 10 games at once then go for it (which means you are logged in for at least an hour to assess and take actions in all 10 games). If you become inactive you will be booted (emergencies are exceptions, or hiatuses that are notified in advance). Reasonable in all things, but if you don't plan to stay active and engaged then don't even apply. An alliance with 5 active members is far superior to a 15 player alliance that can't field players. Most players will be required to join a regular game that is an Alliance tutorial. I want to get you up to speed and fit to take on anyone. Sub-par play is the rule across NWE, but the game is too elegant not to become its master.