Regular/Colonial units power stats at lvl 6/4

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    • Regular/Colonial units power stats at lvl 6/4

      Hello all,

      Is it just me, or are the stats of said units are a

      Regular light infantry lvl 6 9,5/9,5/5
      Colonial infantry lvl 4 10/10/5,5

      Similar weirdities for the other 2 unit types.

      Shouldnt it be reversed? Interface error (actual numbers are reversed in the code)?

      If they are as they are supposed to be, I request a change. Because at the highest level, regular infantries are basically useless now, given their 2 capacity vs 1 of the colonial.

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    • Regular infantry, colonial infantry and mercenary infantry all have their advantages and disadvantages. There are only 4 levels of research available for colonial infantry. While regular infantry levels can be researched in all six of the first Eras, the colonial infantry skip an Era between levels, and its 4th level can't be researched until Era 7. It is already balanced when you take all that into consideration. A game run through for very early stages of the game you have more unit cap than manpower so building a few regular infantry to go with the ones you started with, as well as relying on mercenary units to round out...makes sense. In later Eras of the game an overdependence on merc units will eat your unit cap up, and so you'll want to focus on shifting your mix more toward colonial infantry. Colonial infantry were designed to protect your colonies at a cheap cost, but their usefulness extends beyond that. But regular infantry always finds a use too. Because level 1 barracks can be built so fast you can take a province in war near a front, build a barracks and get a regular infantry building, whereas a merc would require you to also Core a province before building a camp, which takes 24 hours to build...and a colonial while not having to be built in a Core province does still take 24 hours to build then 12 hours for a colonial infantry to be built. So...take an enemy province near a front, establish a govt...12 hours (true for all 3 types of infantry before they can be built). First a barracks 90 seconds, then 16 hours for a regular infantry. Second a merc camp 24 hours then 2 hours 40 minutes (not even factoring the time to Core the province) for a (very slow moving) mercenary infantry. Third a colonial office 24 hours then 12 hours for a colonial infantry. The options use 2,3 and 1 unit cap respectively. First option you can field a unit in basically 16 hours costing 2 unit cap, second option can field a unit in slightly less than 27 hours costing 3 unit cap (a hearty unit HP-wise but way slower than the regular and colonial infantries), third option can field a unit in 36 hours costing only 1 unit cap. There are trade offs, but the units are already balanced, requiring you to make an economical decision which unit to plan for.
    • Thanks for the response, and I wholeheartilly agree with you. I have made the same observations. Yet, still there is this nagging feeling that the number values are still off - regardless of what you posted.

      Still, I like that the game really delves into the several aspects of the operational/tactical/strategical triangle and gives you much to consider each game, where situations between you and an opponent invite flexible thinking.

      Im actually in such a game, and while I probably can win within 5-7 days by boosting my massive colonial empire with trade offices, I also like the fact that I am fighting 3 on 1 and the main adversary has turtled up with high level forts with me having a very hard time to conquer even 1 province of him (and keep it!). Still, Id like to think of it as a backup plan, should things go really sour for me in battle:).

      But my second paragraph is a bit off topic I suppose. I do like I have encountered several play approaches by different opponents and there is no onesizeconquersall strategy in this game...or I just havent found it yet;).