NWE League - 1vs1 tournament with limited ducat usage!

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    • NWE League - 1vs1 tournament with limited ducat usage!

      updated: 11.02.2018

      Welcome by NWE League!

      The one and only international league tournament by NWE for 1vs1 fights!

      In our league you have possibility to mess your skills in very fair way with other experienced and top ranked players (min. lvl.10). It's also the first competition by NWE with limited ducat usage, where truly only your tactical skills decide about your end result.

      Our competition have individual character where we are especially focus on fair fights 1vs1, which will showing the true champion of NWE. This mean that by our competition team fights are not allowed and unwanted, the same apply to unfair attacks 2vs1, 3vs1 etc

      Our tournament is art of league, is continuous and is playing regulary one time in month. The results of every round will be added to main ranking --> All-Time Table.


      - ducat limit by 15k! so please play fair and don't use more as 15.000 ducats in one round

      - if you want to attack any human player you must declare war on him in the newspaper minimum 12h before your attack

      - you can attack human player only alone 1vs1, attacks 2vs1 3vs1 etc are not allowed!

      - as defender you have the right to choose one of his ally and to call him for help (but only one!), selected ally player can join the war immediately, but he must also to announce his declaring of war to attacker in the newspaper, is possible that defender can do this announcement for him too

      - if defender will use his right and will call one of his ally for help, then also attacker have same right and can call one of his ally for help, also here ally player can join the war immediately, but also he must to announce declaring of war in the newspaper

      - this mean maximal will be allowed fights 2vs2, this rule help us to keep balance on the map even in the war time, because we don't want to see team fights like 10vs10, this could be ruin the round and destroy individual character of the game

      - you can't declare war to human player who is already in war with any other human player, only allies of defender or attacker can do this, if they will be called

      - fake wars are forbidden, this mean is not allowed, that 2 friends declare the war to themself only as protection, that nobody else could be able to challenge them to duel, so in 24h after the declaration of war, a serious military confrontation must follow

      - directly confrontation between pretenders to win of the game have priority, so if one top5 player declare war to some lower player, then every other top5 player have right within 12h to put a VETO and to challenge him to duel and then challenged player must accept duel

      - inactive players can be attacked immediately, don't need to declare war to them

      - if any player use admin/explorer to spy you, then you you have right to destroy such a unit without declaring of war, of course only if this unit is on your territory

      - 3 is maximal amount of allied players, pay attention do not to SHARE MAP with more as 3 players, because this could be the reason to remove you from our round

      - this round is not alliance duel or team game, these are individual tournament, where everyone should work only for himself, that's why try to play alone for your own result and don't build a huge alliances or coalitions, especially against only one player

      - this round is mentioned only for experienced players, this mean you need minimum lvl.10! to join our game, newbies and novices are not welcome and will be removed ; )

      - in our competition we have always 14 days peace period, it's very important, because is giving everyone enough time to build stable army and economy and this is needed for fair round

      - pushing/wolfpacking are strictly prohibited! don't invite your friends in the game only for getting any tactical or economical advantage, it's meant inviting friends to block selected countries or to invite them only as resources-giver

      - in this round is also no place for hating, trolling or spamming, especially in newspaper, who will write bad words about other players or insult anybody will be removed, also complain or blame other for own defeat are unwanted

      - publishing private correspondence in newspaper is also strictly forbidden! same like any hate-campaigns against any player


      CODE of HONOR!! can be called from game host if some player is breaking main rules of our tournament. If it will be called, then allow all players to attack this one who broke our rules. Such a player will be automatically disqualified from the round and banned from our tournament permanently and will be not welcomed in our games anymore. This rule protect all participants from unfairness and help game host to bring the game back on the right way. If game host will call this rule, he don't need to explain anything!

      - the last one, 14 days of peace doesn't mean, that on day 15 everyone must declare war to anybody, you can also staying cool and relaxed and just watch what happen next

      NOTE: This thread fulfills only information function, please don't write here anything. To contact me just send me a message. All post, especially from spammer will be deleted!

      With best regards


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    • NWE LEAGUE #1
      Game Nr.: 2168942
      Name: NWE Championship #1
      Art of map: Age of Discovery
      Start: 23th Nov 2017
      End: 29th Dec 2017
      Duration: 37 days
      Number of players at the beginnig: 30
      Number of players on the last day: 20
      Victory points needs to end this round: 1779

      1. Mariusz 72 (Poland) - 1808 points
      2. Bogdan G-Gilotyna (Hejaz) - 1472 points
      3. illum1nati (Austria) - 1247 points
      4. RoyalPunch (Malmuk) - 759 points
      5. jabor33 (Bulgaria) - 658 points
      6. Yogi_Bear (Aragon) - 469 points
      7. Fish Speaker (Palatinate) - 344 points
      8. SiirPasek (Naples) - 326 points
      9. the yob (Lithuania) - 256 points
      10. Marzohnne (Brandenburg) - 202 points

      11. Zygmunt III Faza (Teutonic Order) - 202 points
      12. Denerior (Novgorod) - 200 points
      13. Emme1974 (England) - 164 points
      14. Sym7713 (Scotland) - 155 points
      15. Xenoric (Portugal) - 147 points
      16. Katbest (Sweden) - 137 points
      17. lordtomek (Bavaria) - 135 points
      18. Trojanes (Morocco)- 85 points
      19. blue99 (Norway) - 45 points
      20. dziunia1971 (Toulouse)- 25 points

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