New World Empires alliance tournament?

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    • New World Empires alliance tournament?

      Hi folks!

      After a little thoughts sharing on the chat, it seems some players are interested in an alliance tournament. At the moment alliances are not very active in New World Empires. But if there is interest in a alliance tournament, the support team would gladly be willing to work out something so that we can organise a proper alliance system for New World Empires.

      First step in this process will be doing some research how much players, and alliances actully would like such tournament to be created. If you are one of them who prefers such thing, it would be much appreciated when you leave a small comment below in which you tell us in which alliance your in right now, and how many active members your alliance has.

      Feel free to spread the link among other alliances/players!
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    • he ducats are throwing the game out of whack with unlimited usage. it has already push half of my alliance away, some very good and experienced players. Our alliance used to play lots of games w others but found they were willing to out spend us even though we had better game play. sure it happens but its made it so you don't atk anyone unless you absolutelly must and that is making the games into either overly peacefull or a spend-a-thon by the person willing to spend the most wins.

      before you tell me we can't because ducats pay for the game, understand i'm trying to help NWE and Bytro as well. currently when you see a big spender, it makes you either decide to waste a bunch of ducats or quit the game.
      BUT WHAT IF THERE WAS ANOTHER WAY!! MAX DUCAT ROUNDS! by creating an option at game creating to not allow over certain amount of ducats: as in bronze, silver and gold brackets. something like 10k, 30k and unlimited ducats and this way you can know that you won't have to spend over what you are willing and thus everyone on same playing field.

      This would allow more Apples to Apples instead of Apples to Oranges and encourage more ducat usage. encouraging more peeps to spend less should increase ducat usage(revenue Bytro) while allowing whales to play w other whales or at least allow players to see what kind of game they are gettting into.

      So yea Artisans are ready to play but not in the current configuration of ducat usage. I'm currently in both NWE League Championships and the first one was destroyed by too much ducats usage(kinda funny actually, they lowered core morales to 0 and caused to lose whole core) and game was cancelled/restarted and in second game less usage but it could change any minute.

      blah blah blah. i think by allowing ducats limits on games you will increase ducat usage overall and remove HUGE UNBALANCING ISSUE by allowing players to choose what kind of game they want to play. just don't make a 0 ducat option ;)
    • Hi guys, glad to see some serious comments!

      I'm hearing, and noticing your comments on the no ducats round, or a max spending for the round. You make a valid point there in my personal opinion. However in this stage I would like to gather as much as possible players who would like to take part in a alliance tournament. I simply don't have an answer right now or that such thing would be possible or not. I would hate it when I make promisses from which I have to back down again in a later stage.

      We already are working on a single player tournament which will be a non-ducat rounds, I'm not sure or a alliance tournament with no ducats is possible. However, If we have enough players to join the alliance tournament, and we are going to work out some drafts for it. We will also look at the posibillity for non-ducat rounds. No promisses can be made for no ducats in the alliance tournament tho. But a single player ducat free tournament is coming for sure!

      Than there is always the option to refuse battle's against alliances which use ducats offcourse.
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    • Absolutely right to this what wrote Dunarati. Me and many other players has talking about ducat-limited rounds already half of year ago, but without any response of support side and that's pitty, because this could be decisive, that this game will survive! But maybe now some changes will coming. Also idea about ducat-free tournament is great.

      But if we are talking about ducats, then there is some other, serious problem. I don't understand why experienced and high ranked players are DISADVANTAGED to this one who are starting with new account?! Did support saw last tendency/trend by players of NWE? That many experienced players leaved their old accounts and created the new one, because then they will get not only 20k free ducats, but they get also better offers by buying of ducats?! It's really sad, because diffrences by offers are really huge. Few days ago I was talking sincerely with this player, who had destroyed cancelled round of NWE League (Championship #2). He told me, that he get as "new player" 500% offer for buying ducats and so for small amount of cash he buyed huge amount of ducats and only so he was able to lower moral of all my 30 provinces to 0. Through this absurd all rounds are losing their healthy balance. Why by NWE experienced players are penalize for their loyality? I wrote to Alkyonor and I asked him, when I will get better offer as only 25%, but till now (already 6 weeks ago) I get no response on my question, my question has been just ignored. Such a unfair and unjust ducats offers for new accounts are showing no respect for experienced players and are giving unlimited possibility for cheaters!

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    • illum1nati, thanks for your comments in regards to the the ducat-limited round we will add you to the list of players interested.

      In regards to your comments about Ducats being a serious problem I do not agree. Players have been leaving and creating new accounts for years on all Bytro games. The only time this will become an issue that we can intervene with is when they start using both accounts. If you wanted to talk to me about Ducats further then please message me directly.

      In regards to the offers when purchasing Ducats I will talk with the senior team about this and try and get a response for you.
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    • Ok., thx for reply.

      I didn't mean, that ducats are serious problem, I mean that unfair diffrent offers for buying ducats are serious problem, because experienced players who are creating new accounts get easily 500% offers for buying ducats and this loyal players who are staying on old accounts get maximal offers with only 25%-50%, so players with new account get 600k ducats for 30euro and high ranked players get maximal 150k for same money and need to spend 4x more cash to get same amount of ducats as "new players". I just don't understand where is the logic and why players on old accounts are disadvantaged by buying ducats?! I think it should be the opposite.

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    • I found some members liking the idea of an alliance tournament very much.
      Surely enough will gather to represent TGE (The Good Emperors)

      I also found one old mail from an alliance we have battled and invited them.
      And also mailed a lot more alliances, fom the list, and be back to report here when i know more.

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    • illum1nati wrote:

      Ok., thx for reply.
      About the Ducat offers you get, we can take a look or we can change something about that. But not sure or we can do such thing. We will find that out for you tho.

      Further I would like to keep the topic on this thread for the alliance tournament. We actually recieved more response right now than we anticipated so that's a great start! If you feel the need to discuss this topic further, feel free to write to me about it.

      Explorer, thank you for bringing this under the attention among other alliance players! Your help is greatly appreciated, from all of you.
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    • Hello all.
      Congratulations on a very good idea.
      I would like to support Dunerati's idea to limit the use of ducats.
      I also propose regrets in the subject of injustice in the purchase of
      ducats to transfer to another subject, and leave this for discussions
      about the Alliance Tournament.
      The BRACTWO Alliance also forms a part of the Tournament.
      As for the activities of today, a team of 6-7 people, perhaps we would give.
    • This sounds great. I mean I am relatively new to this game but I have played on another Dorado/Bytro game called Conflict of Nations. It is similar to this one and they have TONS of alliance matches and quite a few tournaments. We need to get the alliance community going.
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