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  • RPU Medieval Europe RP

    RPU Medieval Europe RP


    As the world becomes cultured the Royal Houses of Europe grow and gain greater power and influence on the international stage. A shadow lurks in the woods as enemies look for weakness. Diplomacy is seen as the solution to conflicts, the days of bloody wars have disappeared into the chapters of history. However peace is never everlasting and tensions grow as distrust is harboured by all.


    • Map = Age of Discovery.
    • 3 days = 1 year.
    • No land grabbing (LG = Invading a nation for no reason except for land).
    • No Ducat use.
    • No trolling
    • Must post at least once a day in Newspaper! Posts must be a well written Paragraph.
    • You must have a legitimate reason for war! ALWAYS resort to diplomacy first.
    • Do not escalate situations fast for conflict.
    • Activity in Discord is essential. Much of the Roleplay will be conducted in an official Discord Channel. (but posts in DG are essential)
    War Rules:
    Who says the age of Chivalry is dead? The one constant in times of War in the Age of honor, respect and Diplomacy!

    • Must be staged i.e. all diplomatic efforts must have failed. War can be declared at any time but no real conflict until all diplomatic routes have failed.
    • You can only take control of maximum 5 provinces of enemy.
    • No meat shielding.

    • A Vassal may be declared at any time by the Super Powers.
    • A vassal can only be a kingdom of 7 or less provinces
    • Vassals have to pay taxes to rulers (500 cash per game day).
    • You may give away vassals In Wars.
    • Vassals can only gain independence if allowed by the Kingdom of Allegiance.

    In the Age of Exploration who will lead the race to grow their Empire into the New Worlds?

    • All nations who have a coastline/border the sea can colonize not landlocked nations.
    • Colonies can be sold to any kingdom including minor kingdoms.
    • Land claims can be ONLY be made on discovered lands (first to make claim will have honorable/legal claim).
    • Vassals cannot hold Colonies if they were not previously apart of their kingdom.

    Playable Kingdoms:

    Choose your Empire! Lead the Race! Protect YOUR Lands!

    Super Powers:

    Needed to Start RP

    • England takes Scotland, Wales and Cornwall, Shetlands, Orkney Islands and Lews and Harris Island. = King Phillip
    • Russia Plays as Muscovy and takes Novgorod, Perm, Kazan, Ryazan, Smolensk, Kursk, Golden Hoard,Karelia, Circassia and Shirvan. = Dr. Leipreachán
    • Brandenburg takes Lubeck, Hamburg, Luneberg, Verden, Oldenberg, Munster, Cleves, Cologne, Trier, Mainz, Frankfurt, Brunswick, Anhalt, Thuringia and Saxony. = HMS Ark Royal
    • France takes Brittany, Normandy, Bearn and Gayone, Toulouse, Ajaccio and Burgundy. = Waltpole

    Major Kingdoms:

    Needed to Start RP

    • Italy Plays as Naples, takes all Italy including Savoy, Provence, Venice and Sardinia. = Superchan
    • Ottomans takes Karaman, Candar, Ramazan, Dulkadir, Trebinzond and Aq Qonyunlu.
    • Castile takes Galicia, Granada, Navarra and Portugal. = zeusBG
    • Bavaria takes Bohemia = KingBeaver

    • Hungary takes Transylvania
    • Serbia takes Bosnia, Croatia and Albania.
    • Teutonic Order takes Pomerania, Curonia, Livornion Ordo and Pskov = King Vacco

    Minor Kingdoms:

    • Aragon takes Balearic Islands
    • Austria takes Switzerland = Freshmemes
    • Denmark = Danishsw33troll
    • Finland takes Kittlia and Ruavinjarga
    • Ifriqyia takes Fezzan, Djerid, Touggourt
    • Ireland – Plays as Munster and takes all of Ireland. = HowuDoin?
    • Morocco takes Tlemcen
    • Malmuk takes Benghazi
    • Netherlands
    • Norway = Overlord_77
    • Poland = Whitetiger
    • Sweden takes Westerfalle, Jokkmokk and Vittangi
    • Bulgaria takes Wallachia
    Red = Taken

    Blue = Open

    Green = Reserved


    • No Tech limits!!
    • Each Kingdom will be given a resource boost.
    • Each kingdom will be given a military boost.


    • All Applications will be taken by forum sign-up.
    • Kingdoms can be reserved.
    • You state that you agree to the game rules.
    • Sample article required for non RPU members.
    • Any Questions just ask.

    Have fun playing!
    Dr. Leipreachán
    NWE Community Coordinator

    Feel free to check these guides;
    NWE Combat System
    A Quick Start Guide

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  • King Phillip wish to obtain the Kingdom of England and its vassals and agree to its rules - hoping it will be enforced.

    Sample of new article.

    The bells in Westminster Abbey are ringing loud and clear on a crisp Monday morning. Today is the coronation of the new King. Taking the name Phillip, the young royal succeeded his father King Henry and will be styling himself in the modern tudor clothes of the time. If the people of London did not know much about the new King, no one will blame them as he travelled extensively across many country borders incognito, to learn the cultures of the world and was seldom seen in the typical royal entertainment ventures. He claimed that there are fertile lands to the west of England waiting for colonisation and even though the Portuguese and Spanish were ahead of the race there is still much room for growth. His father’s marriage to Catherine of Aragon can go a long way if he plays his diplomatic cards well, and it would not be amiss if he can find himself a bride from the ruling Habsburgers. But alas he will have his hands full uniting the countries of Scotland and Wales and keeping the morale high to avoid riots. But time will tell.

    PSS: I have been dying to play a proper role play with a diplomatic twist. Please pray this is it.
  • OKay I'm not.

    Practice article:
    Bells chime and people cheer on the streets as the great coronation of Tsar Superchan takes place in Saint Petersburg cathedral. The new king promises land and glory for his subjects, and he will step up to take his late father Ivan the Terrible's place in history! Russia will rise to be a great power!


    Ps.I don't know anything about Russian history apart from the fact that their kings are called Tsars
    "The best revenge is massive success" Frank Sinatra

    "No-one would remember the Good Samaritan if he'd only had good intentions; he had money as well." Margaret Thatcher (The lols)

    "I'm great at diplomacy, terrible at strategy :thumbsup: " Superchan
  • Hello.

    i would like to choose Germany (brandemburg), i agree to the rules but i am not a Role Play Union member how ever i am well known in the RP community and do these events often. but i will submit a article for you guys (my RP skills for articles have declined over the years, so give me break and i dont know the style in which you want the RP article)

    Practice Article (dident know what exactly you wanted me to say):
    "I Elector Ark of the people of Brandemburg, hereby accepts the Title of Kaiser of the German Empire and people. I will defend my people no matter the cost and defend my country no matter the cost." His Imperial Majesty, declared that he will now take up the torch of the Germany people. celebrations can be seen all over Berlin and even the Imperial Army has been allowed time off to enjoy the events with out glorious people! with the defeat of the Holy Roman Empire, Brandemburg now stands as the undisputed ruler of the German people!


    p.s. i do have a question however, am i allowed to form Germany from Brandemburg if i unite myclaims and a good portion of Germany? (because if i can, you know i will Vacco). but also before i forget, i dident have much time to produce the Practice article, so im sorryif its abit off :)
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