Are Colonies worth it?

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    • A level 3 colony with a level 3 Trade Company is worth 18 Victory Points, I don't know why more people aren't colonizing like mad?! Plus all the resources that flow to you. It's slow starting. But by the end game your colonies should mean that you are never out of any resource. Also, good thing to know, most games have one resource (it varies) that ends up being scarce. Find out what that resource is going to be for your game and colonize the hell out of territories of that resource type. Everyone else is either out or paying 20 or more for that resource, and if you have done this strategy you have plenty...and can be the person selling the others that resource for 20 or more. Manipulation of the market is another thing I expected to see more people doing. Find the scarce resources and then buy them all up. Raise prices and sell to others. Like goods early in the game, just buy them all, every time you log in buy them all, and then sell them for a profit. With goods that only works early, goods don't seem to be the scarce resource down the line, it is usually luxury goods, but also raw materials are often scarce by mid game. Anyways back to colonies...18 VP per territory is HUGE! Only my capital, a level 8 province, with a monument rivals that. Level 7 core provinces with a monument are 12 VP. Colonies are THE way to win a game, they make the difference at end game.
    • I seldom garrison colonies but do build a Colonial Office as at level 3 you can build 3 buildings - Infrastructure, Trade Company and Colonial Office. However there is no reason other than keeping one troop garrison - disable colonial office and let it be... if you do not garrison - over time the natives will revolt bit by bit and disable your buildings... I have a few colonies but focus on the ones which offer me a resource I need, thus I have more than 100K in resources with a handful of colonies. This game is 90% planning and strategy and 10% war.
    • Similar to Robert's strategy and thinking, but I do like to have a cluster of garrisoned colonies. Since most players do not have colonial garrisons, my garrisons are in place to target the colonies of an opponent for a fast gain of empire, VPs and bump up in resource production. I doubt I would ever try to garrison all colonies though. Just a tip: I consider it critical to explore colonial areas thoroughly and quickly. In a war, unexplored colonies of your enemy can't be attacked, and can be a safe harbor for them.
    • You rarely lose a colony to natives. It can happen but it is rare. Damage to trade companies and colonial offices are more common, and you just repair them. Also choice of territories to colonize. My top priorities are territories easy to colonize with low revolt rates. In South America that means all the coastal territories. Once you go inland your revolt rates increase. I think that holds for Africa as well. There are exceptions inland. But prime real estate is the Caribbean Islands. Low revolt rates. Even if they are level 1 I colonize them then take them to level 3. They are usually my first colonies. I also like the Yucatan colonies and Florida. I don't like North America for colonies mostly. If there is a scarce resource in play then I'll colonize every territory with that resource type regardless of revolt rates and colonization difficulty.