Apples to Apples

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    • Apples to Apples

      Upon checking some of the top players scores i noticed a few things:

      All of the top players get Combat AI points added to their totals. None on mine or most players I play w.

      for example: Dyavris has 147k points for military. Almost 100k of those are against AI. now you check mine or anyone whose been here less than 1.5 years and they get no combat AI points.

      I understand the game is constantly changing but by adding it to some and not to others you effectively made 2 separate entities. those w combat ai points added to their score and those w/o. This is comparing apples to oranges. the two are not the same. In order to compare apples to apples and oranges to oranges it must be consistent accross the board.

      It should be added to the newer players scores or removed from older ones. OR START OLD/NEW list for rank because those w combat ai stats are inflating their ranks at the cost of newer players. whatever you decide, they are not the same and shouldn't be included on the same rankings.
    • 100,000 of illuminatis 240,000 is combat ai so 40% of his points are invalid on mine and most other players.

      #3 players andrea espositano 83,000 combat PVP but then 0 under combat AI and the total combat is 160,000.... so this one seems to have it added to total but not on details.

      i recheck mine: details 18,331 and total military is 19,047 so 700 pts somewhere im not seeing. Im a fairly agressive player and would assume more than 700 combat ai if its being tallied. Might be just the label but guessing more than that. Like older players talking about building multiple lvl 5 monuments but now only 1 ... which makes it extremely diffictult for new players to catch older ones since its so much harder to get the same number of points...