Improved NPC players and Stock Market

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    • Improved NPC players and Stock Market

      Kings and Queens,
      Today we deliver a small AI and stock market update as a quick follow up to yesterdays big release.
      The stock market is becoming a but tidier, as all orders of the same price are now combined into one. More importantly, orders from yet undiscovered players are no longer shown. So, when you are the first to discover a new nation, you will be the only one to be able to trade with them!
      Inspired by the "Mechanical Turk", a device that, in its times, amazed people like Napoleon Bonaparte and Benjamin Franklin, the largest changes were made for AI (Artificial Intelligence / NPC) countries:

      • AI trades less resources if market prices are too cheap; improved buying when lacking resources
      • AI countries now use research focus on Admin/Military/Colonization
      • AI countries research twice as much
      • AI countries build and produce up to 3 times as much
      • Improved building AI, building costs and value estimations
      • AI countries now play 2 sessions per day (instead of 1)
      Once the AI has updated their trade offers by tomorrow the huge surplus in the market should be gone.

      We hope you like the changes and are looking for your feedback.
      Your New World Empires Team
    • Good update. AI needed to be a bit more stronger to add a bit of difficulty. Let's see if it'll be stronger enough now. :thumbup:
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