The Gentlemen Society

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    • The Gentlemen Society


      My name is Sigmar, and I wish to unveil a new alliance: The Gentlemen Society.

      This alliance is largely going to be aimed at new players (I myself a relatively new player), and as a group improving our skills to a point where we can join the competitive side of this wonderful game.

      I personally have only ever been a member (and part of the leadership team several times) of the RPU for the past two years, and so this is a new venture for myself, into the game which I feel I have the fluency with.

      I am looking for players, and will shortly place a link to a discord server, where should one wish to join, one should head.

      I look to promote values of commitment, teambuilding and high standards through this alliance, and should any player wish to join there will a few simple safeguarding-Esq rules that they will sign themselves to.

      The link to the Discord server will be here shortly:

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