1500-1600 Roleplay (discord!)

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    • 1500-1600 Roleplay (discord!)

      Hello! We are three guys (maybe 4) who just want some RPers to RP with! we post daily (most of us) and try to be as active as possible, when we can't be active, we tell the others before hand.

      We will only take in a certain amount of people, to not make the map over crowded/unplayeble cause people go inactive and such.
      Please read through the rules and say you have read and understood them
      Basic Rules
      • One article per day wanted (don’t use them for spamming, neither chatting)
      • No war without reasonable articles (watch below)• Surrender must be accepted at any time (fair conditions)• Inactive Player gonna kicked
      • Fairplay (no multi-account etc.)
      • no gold usage
      • what was the second rule? (Put in application)
      • No transfer of Match ID + PW
      War Rules
      Every war, includes vs. AI and Player, must be reasonable in articles.There must be articles written at least 2 days before the war can declared.We want to avoid that people attack all AI around them to grab the provinces to get bigger. That`s not a part of RP, this is playing to win.
      F. E.: Democratic nations need to convince their people before an invasion. Authoritarian states don’t need to do this just as much, but in return must build up aggression before they invade. (all in articles)
      We would appreciate if you make clear what kind of ideology your country got and to who you got good and bad relations.
      (necessary for roleplay). You can also change ideology every 8th day but try to stick to one ideologyArticles RulesThis is the main part of role play
      • If you don’t want to write, don’t play RP
      • If you got no time to write, don’t play RP
      • If you sometimes got no time to write, that’s totally fine. We all got a real-life too.
      • If you don’t know, what to write, please ask somebody “outplay” to help you (Better this way instead of doing nothing).
      • Try to put some work in articles (means that you try to give your best if you write, don’t write such crap like “A explorer walked over my region. I declare war.”
      Must be in Article:
      • Reasons for war (observe the time)
      • Disputes between Players (Give others the chance to intervene)
      • Trades between Player must be announced (can be a part of a bigger Article)

      playeble nations:

      Iberian nations:
      Portugal (taken)
      Castile (free)
      Aragon (free)
      French nations:
      France (free)
      Toulouse (free)
      Burgundy (free)

      British nations:
      Scotland (free)
      England (free)

      Italian nations:
      Savoy (free)
      Venice (free)
      Naples (free)
      German nations:
      Brandenburg (Taken) (in HRE with elector)
      Bavaria (free) (in HRE with elector)
      Paltinate (free) (In HRE with elector)
      Bohemia (free) (In HRE with elector)
      The Netherlands (free) (In HRE with elector)
      Austria (taken)(in HRE with elector + starts with the emperor of the HRE)

      (The Emperor is supposed to help and defend the HRE (Germany) and make sure that the HRE is pious, can convert overtime and change)
      (Emperor can change with enough backing by other electors/player support (HRE members) )

      Africa + Asia:
      Morocko (free)
      Ifriqiya (free)
      Mameluks (free)
      Hejaz (free)
      Ottomans (free)
      Scandenavian nations:
      Sweden (free)
      Norway (taken)
      Denmark (free)

      Balkan nations:
      Serbia (free)
      Hungary (free)
      Bulgaria (free)

      Eastern European nations:
      Muscovy (taken)
      Novgorod (free)
      Lithuania (free)
      Poland (free)
      Ukraine (free)
      Crimea (taken)
      Tutonic order (free)

      The game will start when we have enough players for a sizeble and easy RP. we hope to keep this RP community alive!

      Also, please tell us about any past experience in RP in the application (the better the application the higher chance you have to get in)

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    • I have read and accept the rules (Even rule number two which states "No war without reasonable articles"). My in game name is 2stinky4u. I would prefer to play as Norway or any other Scandenavian nation, but if need be I'll be any nation. I'm active besides from the times of July 9-19 due to traveling which I hope is fine. I think this will be an interesting game and that interests me.
    • I am here to play as Lithuania,

      The second rule is no war without reasonable articles.

      here is a sample from one of the many rps I have been part of

      Ukraine Seeks to Buy Production Rights to Dassault Mirage 2000

      With President Petro Poroshenko’s order to increase funding to the Ukrainian Armed Forces, a general review of the armed forces had gone under way, and turned up disappointing results.

      Upon reviewing the state of the Ukraine Army Serhiy Drozdov, Commander of the Ukrainian Air Force, has demanded the increase in funding go to the air force, which has been in a dilapidated state since Ukraine declared independence back in the 90s. Currently the air force has less than 80 planes, and is combat ineffective. The current Air force is ill suited to deal with ground threats and the current equipment consists mainly of air superiority fighters, whose maintenance cost fails to equal their current usefulness.

      A council of relevant staff has been formed to determine a solution to the problem, who have decided on the Dassault Mirage 2000, a plane currently in the Ukraine arsenal that has pleased both pilots and commanders in it combat history and in current conflict with pro-Russian rebels. Critics call the plane obsolete, and point out that the plane first flew in 1978 -production only stopped in 2007- and one such plane was even shot down by a shoulder fired weapon system. The plane’s age has not discouraged Ukrainian officials, who believe the plane is both affordable and effective for its role. The decision to not buy the more modern F-35 as originally predicted comes from lack of funds and the dependency on other nations to provide the planes.

      Other benefits of producing the planes in Ukraine would be providing skilled jobs and hopefully jump starting the ukrainian aeronautics industry.

      National Ukrainian Broadcasting Corporation (NUBC)

      I have recently completed an RP in this very game, however I don't think the players there would vouch for me, I think this one needs way more rules.

      I was wondering about land swaps, for example?

      bigchicken48#4314 is my discord, good luck!
    • I think that tech trees could be a great addition for example, seeing as bigger nations, like poland-lithuania, or muscovy need to be balenced. Just like in history, the great waves of russian infantry break like rocks, meanwhile the tiny swiss or swedish armies hold everyone at bay

      If you want any help with this RP, please let me, I want some experiance in the making of COW, CON, NWE, ETC rps
    • Hello, I find this RP to be very interesting. I have read over all of the rules I must follow, I even read rule number two. ("No war without reasonable articles") I wish to play as England.

      I have had very much experience in Role-Play in this very game (New World Empires) and a little over in Call of war.

      My in game username is "Task77" If you need my discord username, please private message me.

      Hopefully you consider my request to join your server to be interesting enough to allow me a spot in.