Gain prosperity through your explorations!

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    • Gain prosperity through your explorations!

      Kings and Queens,
      being always at your service we have delivered the next update to you with many fixes, performance improvements and the new feature of tradable exploration states.
      Newly acquired knowledge about the foreign lands and territories were worth gold in the Age of Discovery. Created by highly educated cartographers, the maps of those lands were incredibly valuable and traded at high prices. From now on you are able to make profit from the knowledge about the territories you explored! Sell the exploration state of your provinces to your allies and to those who are willing to pay for your knowledge.
      Fun fact from history: The image shows the Atlas Maior of Gerardus Mercator (1512 - 1594), the most famous cartographer of his time. He is well known for his terrestrial and celestial globes and most significantly for his 1569 world map. This map was the first to use the cylindrical Mercator projection which is still used nowadays for navigational purpose maps.
      The detailed list of all changes is:
      Balancing Changes
      • Reduced production bonus of province levels 7-10 and Trade Company level 3
      • Increased number of building grounds by 1 per province
      • Trading the exploration states of provinces is now possible by selling them to other players
      • Adviser: keep video open button added
      • Adviser: Video replay button is now working in all browsers and visualized
      • Add tooltip to army moral bar segment
      • Show research duration in main overview
      • Decreased client download size
      • Improve Chrome map drag performance (jerky behavior and artifacts)
      • Fixed: some remaining occurrences of Gold vs Ducats
      • Fixed: Some premium account icons are wrong
      • Fixed: In the live game map drag doesn't work when cursor is outside of the browser window.
      • Fixed: High level buildings which required province level 8-10 could not be built.
      • Fixed: Wrong and incomplete unit and building descriptions are corrected
      • Fixed: some remaining occurrences of Gold vs Ducats
      • Fixed: Unit images often not painted in Firefox
      • Fixed: Enable/Disable buildings in tooltip doesn’t work
      • Fixed: Removed invalid info about 100% production from "Core info tooltip" of non-core provinces

      We hope you like the changes and are looking for your feedback.
      Your New World Empires Team
    • alright, the building grounds are there now after all.

      Still, the "trading maps" feature need some adjustments: 5 days is simply much too long if active players keep their explorers running - there's that much i can explore in 5 days, so even if i regularly trade maps with my ally, my explorers still run into territories she already explored first.
    • honestly, what is the point of the five day thing? I honestly see absolutely no purpose to it, other than to be one of those artificial restrictions you guys were so keen on doing away with in the latest patch. All it is is annoying. If players don't want to give away information, well then, THEY DON'T HAVE TO!!!!!! It is THE worst and most annoying feature of this game.