New language version & other improvements

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    • New language version & other improvements

      Willkommen Könige & Königinnen,
      today New World Empires takes an important step towards becoming a world spanning empire by adding the first new language since its release: German.
      German was, of course, the language of Frederick the Great, 1712 - 1786, King of Prussia, who was affectionately nicknamed Der Alte Fritz ("Old Fritz") by the Prussian people. He had the reputation of being an enlightened open-minded monarch not only known for his huge military success and his administrative prowess, but also for his interest in arts and philosophy.

      Here is the complete list of changes:
      • released German version
      • building and unit popups opened from production and research now have buttons to flip through their levels (supports keyboard keys)
      • cycling civilian units is now possible even on their idle marker and idle units will be selected first
      • research usability: better highlight of selected research and era
      • research usability: select highest unlocked era on default
      • research usability: when an era research is finished while the research is open, the researched era will automatically be selected
      • fixed that production buildings level 3 (barracks & colonial office) now properly produce units
      • fixed that all province levels >= 2 now really have an additional building ground
      • changed names of actions for province states upgrades
      • the exploration speedup button now has a proper tooltip
      • fixed wrong dates in Peter Minuit's adviser image
      • fixed province level research images
      • the unit production button had a tooltip saying "Currently producing" when in fact the required building was disabled
      • research usability: repeated open of a research tab now correctly stays in the previously selected era

      As an outlook, we can say that there will be some more balancing changes coming up in the next week so stay tuned and join the discussions in the forum.
      Your New World Empires Team