Ultra Offensive Strategy

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    • Ultra Offensive Strategy

      SO we will write down our calculation on the basis of what me and my friends checked when it comes to warfare in NWE

      I will start with Mercenary Rush

      Generally first units take 1 day to build without ducats
      It is more effective to build army quicker than neighbours and conquer them

      I know it takes 1 day to research merc units ( Cavs) but it is worth it in first 4-5 days of map
      it is true they are expensive but you will get money to sustain them from conquered provinces

      so what we do - we build around 2-3 Merc Camps and spam them with Cavs - it takes 3 h to produce merc cavs
      so queue them and when you regular infantry arrives - join them in stack and attack neighbour - without Ducats or Merc Rsh stategyhe wont be able to defend as you will have around 3-4 times stronger army

      Remember to keep your army in stack as stacks are OP versus smaller units which day faster fighting bigger groups
      Remember to choose good terain for you units
      remember to make sure that enemy wont go around your army to attack your provs
      prepare some food reserves for newly conquered provinces
      while fighting with starting units + mercs change to colonial/regular troops strategy. You choose which one is better for you and produce chosen units while Merc rush fights it way through first country

      By the time you are finished with first country you will have some military reserves in your country + newly conquered provinces to administrate
      make sure to reestabslih government in all and put some garrisons ( 2 units will do) to stop rebelions
      You should be ahead of others in the map. Now is the time to get rid of mercenary units and replace them with chosen type of troops: colonial/regular

      but about that later

      kill mercs in suicide attacks as they cost a lot of money and sart building your power based on regular/colonial units.

      Panta Rhei

      Make love, not war
    • Zarathustra wrote:

      Sounds like a good strategy.
      Do you think mercenaries are overpowered like this?
      it seems, mercs are just what their dessription says: fast to recruit, but expensive to maintain. So, using two days of reserch for merc cavs and merc inf and building few merc camps might be a good idea if you expect trouble with your neighbour.

      Still, an active defender will probably just need to get enough regular infantry into the province under attack to grind this rush to halt.
    • Generally, I'd say the Mercenary infantry are way overpowered. Infantry being more effective than cavalry in general due to most of Europe being rough terrain. Costs and maintenance is hardly an issue due to market saturation. Without realistic disadvantage their greatest advantage is much lower build time. If someone wanted to zerg rush with mercenaries than they could easily overwhelm a minor neighbor everyday and immediately administrate. Then every three days with mercenary rushing they could drop a major AI nation (this all presumes that there is no other active player impact which is presently true 90% of the time). Within a week a player would have tripled instead of doubling their resource gains without wasting on low rank provincial buildings and could grow exponentially afterwards using the same method.

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    • There is no reason to kill AI

      It is better to attack humans on your borders - removing threats around + you will find provinces that are properly managed (building slots are field wit usefull building)

      merc rush is only for first 4-5 days of game to gain quick advantage - as I wrote above
      when you gain it- maintain it and that is whole trick
      when you conquer first human - switch to colonials/regulars and kill rest of your mercenaries somewhere
      when they will reintroduce units trade - you will be able to sell them quickly

      and what happens when you switch to regulars - will be added soon
      in the matter of colonial units - I will ask razoraz - he won first maps in NWE using this strategy.
      Panta Rhei

      Make love, not war