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      Just curious,

      If I had a some-what complete Idea for a Bytro Lab type game and I wanted either to hire Bytro Lans to produce this game for me or - agree to enter into a partnership (ownership) of the game....

      What would it take (or cost) to get this great staff behind me; working on a game that I came up with and out lined?

      Do any mod or administrators know?

      For I lack the skill set and equipment to make it myself - and if I know what it would take, I could start budgeting the funds or even create a kickstart for the idea..
    • Aleena wrote:

      For I lack the skill set and equipment to make it myself
      Im afraid you're 95% short of the usual needs met before a game can be produced.
      and at day 0 of 1000
      Some folks have done it solo and taken their time. eg Sid Meiers ~ Civilization. Ian Bell ~ Elite. but from humble beginnings they now ofc produce games with a huge budget and with staff.

      [there is a copyright minefield to maneuver also and we all know legal advice is never free]

      You could get yourself into this via a College course or three [that contact may bring you to people needed at lower costs by networking/making friends].
      Put some thought into how you might start raising funds and hiring people to turn your concept into code and graphics. Perhaps a kickstarter launch is also a good Idea once you have something to present as a 'product in progress'.
      One game I play now started from a kicktarter style project: Prison Architect.

      Due to the amount of work involved post concept you may struggle to get an equal partnership deal with any established gaming company, but thats a route you could also peruse I guess.

      good luck with your aspirations.
      Field Marshal Dan
      Community Coordinator
      EN Community Support
      Bytro Labs | New World Empires

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    • Ya harder to create then one would think -

      I all ready have 80% completed written out work with maybe 30% actual code (done by myself) for a game like this I wanted to make...

      My issue is that I only know how to program in BASIC, (or anything similar - Visual Basic, GWBASIC, PASCAL)

      And all the stuff I know is from the early 80's.... Mostly for a stand alone system and not for an online game..

      I did attempt to hire and pay coders from (Rent-A0-Coder) "think that was the siggtht - but they never seemed to be too focused on the job and takes for ever to get the smallest thing done - then after they get a small check or two from me - they seem to vanish with out finishing the job (not even 10% the way done)

      So I was just seeing if they would do side work for a quick buck or two...

      For I know they are skilled and focused on what they are doing - and a lot of what I want might somewhat fit in their current engines..

      :( Guess it is not going to happen anytime soon...