Smarter Explorers

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    • Smarter Explorers

      Good news for the rulers of large Colonial Empires or those who want to become one of them. New advancements in map making and tactics lead to easier to protect and much more versatile explorers.

      Command chaining for Explorers
      It is now possible to chain exploration commands using drag & drop and the “Add via” button known from military units. This can significantly speed up exploration and will make it a lot easier to explore large regions.

      Exploration at province border
      Explorers will now stop at the border of the unexplored province and use the spot as their base camp when exploring the province instead of moving to the province capital. This makes it possible to send military forces to the same spot. In turn, those forces will be available for defending that position. Before this release, it was possible, to defend against hostile armies with a single military unit if the attacker still had to explore the province in question. They simply waited for and killed the explorer. The new mechanism fixes this problem.

      Your New World Empires Team