New World Empires- Your thoughts? Comments? Suggestions?

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    • Given that this game is very much set in a specific time period, I feel that it does not actually give a very good impression of that period in a military sense. The rock/paper/scissors combat system is actually (despite overlays of complexity) a bit crude, especially as it now seems to kill whole units, rather than weakening all involved. This approach may be valid for Napolionic period warfare, where infantry/cav/art all had a significant role and had to be balanced off against each other, but is far less valid in the earlier period.
      C16th and C17th warfare rarely used "light infantry" as such, wherere as in practice this is 90% of what is used in game: what was used was shot, which were effective mainly as companion units to pike formations. Maybe the approach should be to have shot and pike as the two main infantry classes, and give a large bonus if they are used together in plausible ratios (or penalty it they are not). Artillery was mainly a seige thing in the earlier was just not that effective in most fiels battles. Artillery on its own should probably have a strength of 0 or very close against other troops.
      The effect of fortifications was vital in this was often the case that a moderate fortification with a garrison of a few hundred could tie down a major army for weeks, months, or in the cases of the best ones even years. This is just not reflected inthe game.
    • I would love to have African and American/Terra Nova nations playable. As it is, players and AI alike fling colonists into the wind without a care in the world, knowing their colonists will find a new home.

      I would love to play the irascible Incan emperor who kills Europeans on sight ... colonists AND explorers!

      There may be a handful of players out there who actually focus on a colonial empire, but I'm sure most people view colonies the way I do ... as an afterthought. If you need some more of a particular resource, you send colonists to the nearest unoccupied relevant spaces. That would still occur with playable "native" civilizations, but the safe areas (not near a player-controlled "native" civilization) would fill up pretty fast.

      In one of my first games (I played Savoy), the Portuguese player decided to attack the Aztecs (I had some colonies in Central America and northwest Mexico from which I was able to witness the war). If I could have, I would have given the Aztecs all sorts of stuff just in order to build stuff to resist the Portuguese invasion. As it was, I had to stand by and watch the Portuguese win.

      Anyway, I'm for opening up African and American/Terra Nova countries to players.
    • RE:

      Leontro wrote:

      What i would like to suggest is the rest of the map, more specifically of Asia since colonization and the age of exploration didn't just end with the colonization of the New World
      While that's true, I think the designers were going after a specific goal with game play, or World history, from the European point of view. While not ALL the colonization of the world from Europe, the bulk of it was, as many people were eager to leave Europe, to get away from all the plagues, wars, and oppression from that time period.