New Unit Visuals

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    • New Unit Visuals

      Greetings Kings & Queens,
      today’s update gives some long-awaited new visuals for many late game units. While up to now, only the Military tree high level infantry units were distinguishable by their Redcoat infantry model, we now added updated visuals for all high level infantry, cavalry and artillery.

      We tried selecting underlying models characteristic for their time. To mention only some examples of the historical units we released (click on the image for the large version):


      The Colonial Infantry (top left in the image), is modelled after the famous “Minutemen”. They were a self-trained militia known for being ready “in a minute’s notice”. They were an important part of the military force in the American Revolutionary War (1775 - 1783).

      Prussian Infantry

      The Mercenary Infantry (top right in the image), on the other hand, is modelled after the “Potsdam Giants”. A Prussian infantry regiment which
      originally required recruits to be at least 1.88m (about 6ft 2”) tall. They were for instance used by Frederick the Great in the Seven Years' War (1754 - 1763).

      We hope you like the changes.
      Your New World Empires Team
    • Its a very great update. The new units are very beautiful designed.
      But please, all the new designed units we must have in era V. The mercanary cavalry and artillery is in the moment in era VIII. with new designed units. Thats to late.
      „Berûche mich, getrûwir got:
      Der vatir sende mir dî macht,
      daz iz werde vollinbrâcht,
      des ich hî gedenke ;
      des sunis wîsheit lenke
      mîne cranken sinne,

      Nikolaus von Jeroschin (1290-1341) Kaplan d. Hochmeisters d. Dt. Ordens