Major Balancing Changes

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    • Major Balancing Changes

      Hello Kings & Queens,
      Today’s update brought you a lot of balancing changes. We collected data and feedback from your games over the past few weeks and put together a set of balancing changes that will hopefully make the game more fun and get positive feedback from you.

      The key points we wanted to address are to make the game:
      • Faster than it currently is
      • Less artificially restricted in what you are allowed to do
      • Easier to get into for unexperienced players
      • Better balanced in all stages of the game
      To achieve this goal, we did the following:
      Faster Gameplay
      Instead of 6 days, all eras now are only 5 days long. So you can get to the next level of units and upgrades faster. We also decreased the duration of all researches making your progress in the game quicker and
      more interesting.
      Removed Restrictions
      We experienced the civilian unit caps as rather artificial restrictions in gameplay without proper motivation. So we removed them altogether. It is now completely up to you and your available resources, how many
      Explorers, Administrators, and Colonists you build and send out. Note that the military units are still capped (the initial cap was increased from 50 to 75).
      Easier to Learn
      The research as we had it was a bit mixed and it was not so easy to follow a clear line. We have this introduced minimal research dependencies among some units and their related buildings. Together with
      a more structured design and better highlighting we think the progress of the units is now visualized better and the dependencies are now clearer than before.
      Balancing Changes & New Units
      Based on the data and feedback we got, we changed both the building and unit balancing a lot. Especially the units in the Warfare branch got a complete overhaul adding Modern Infantry / Cavalry and Artillery as
      extra units for the later Eras. To not flood the game with too many different units and levels, we removed some of the higher levels of the pre-existing troops.

      With the First Rate ship of the line we also added an additional late game warship.

      We will publish the full list of changes in the next post. Tomorrow during the day we will furthermore distribute some Ducats among the active players since we do know that these are some major balancing changes which do have impact on your strategies. That being said, we expect this to be the last balancing update of this magnitude.

      We hope you like the changes and are looking for your feedback.
      Your New World Empires Team
    • Here now the full list of changes:

      • Province levels: reduced resource production bonus of province levels 8-10
      • Market: increased build costs & tax production bonus of market lvl 2 & 3
      • Workshop:
        • Increased build costs
        • decreased resource production bonus of lvl 1+2 by 5%
      • Fortress: decreased amount of levels from 8 to 4 (including researches):
        • Defense properties of new lvl 4 corresponds to old lvl 8
        • Upkeep / build costs are reduced
      • Monument: increased VPs of lvl 5 from 120 to 150 (will be gradually increased over the next weeks to 250)
      • Colonial Office: changed daily upkeep from 50 luxury goods per level to 100 money per level
      • Trade company:
        • decreased VPs of lvl 1 & 2
        • increased production bonus of lvl 2 from 200% to 250%
        • decreased daily costs (goods) of all levels
      • All buildings which had multiple resource costs in their upkeep now only have one: Harbor, Mercenary camp, University
        • Harbor properly shows upkeep of building materials. This upkeep was increased due to removed tax costs.
        • Mercenary camp properly shows upkeep of luxury goods. This upkeep was increased due to removed tax costs.
        • University properly shows upkeep of luxury goods. This upkeep was increased due to removed tax costs.
      • merc cav: decreased speed
      Warfare tree
      • removed lvl 7+8 of all light regular units (inf, cav + ari) (Existing units will be downgraded to lvl 6)
      • removed lvl 6-8 of heavy regular inf + cav as well as lvl 7+8 of heavy regular artillery. Existing units will be mapped to the corresponding level of "Modern" units
      • heavy regular cavalry:
        • decreased speed
        • removed minerals from daily upkeep of lvl 5
      • heavy regular inf:
        • removed minerals from daily upkeep of lvl 5
      • Added 4 Levels of "Modern Infantry" & "Modern Cavalry" available from Era V-VIII
      • These new units combine the strength of the heavy with the speed of the light units and exceed the strongest level of previous heavy units in power
      New Ships
      • heavy ship lvl 4 moved from era VIII to era VII
      • added two new "first rate" endgame ships in Era VII & VIII
      • decreased research times of many units and buildings
      • in new games, lvl 1 of colonial office and merc camp now have to be researched (30 min each)
      • reassigned several type names and adjusted descriptions
      • researches now have minimal dependencies.
        • For instance: it is not possible to research mercenary units before researching the mercenary camp
        • In the warfare tree, artillery requires the lvl 1 cav to be researched which requires the lvl 1 inf to be researched, etc.
      • decreased duration of all eras from 6 days to 5 days
      • Removed civilian caps
      • increased start military unit cap from 50 to 75

      Others / Non-Balancing
      • fixed various map problems
      • many fixed sea connections which caused hanging explorers
        • Nothern Baltic sea can be entered and exited with ships

        • production of Roslavi is fixed

        • fixed typos
      • removed unused siege damage from unit tooltips
      • research now shows dependencies, has better sorting and better highlighting
      • research progress does not show progress > 100% in ended games
    • Well I'm sure you will get the disgust of unlimited caps on civilians soon.

      But most of the other changes that I read here are bad too.

      And compressing the Ages is the wrong way, it should have been expanding them to 7 or 8, I'm in level III and IV now I have to go back and study 3 levels of artillery to get this one. This is a bad process why have age levels at all, If one wants to do a military track, or a colonial track, or god forbid a combination, the ages will have advanced far beyond your ability to study them

      I am leaving this game, as all you have done is try to make it, faster to the Slow of Mind, rather than tweak the game most agreed some of the caps were in need of expansion, but other than one, No one wanted them removed, you really aren't listening to the forum, It was way too early for this drastic of a change, Your result you will lose a few to a lot of current daily players, but I'm sure you will pick up a few more of the mindless.

      You could have set aside a block of new games and challenged existing players to play and give feed back of New Format, because these changes effect every existing game in progress bad customer relations this strategy,

      Oh and when you do upgrade the Naval Play, that too should be isolated and tested by players (not developers)

      By lowering the VP's in early rounds on trade Co., again you are de-emphasizing colonization, the early VP's diluted the win pct. of the warrior type, making them realize there are other avenues to war.

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    • Now, the regular units from era I. to V. are for waste. The best strategy now are to research colony troops and mercenary troops. The regular troops now are even more stupid than before. All the regular troops can not be upgraded to level 8. But I can research the new troops from era V. directly. So it is better to research only the warfare era and not the troops from era I. to IV. And in era V. I can research the new troops without research the troops before??? The new system is very more confused than the old system.
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    • Faster Game Play: I feel the issue is not the Research Tree, but travel time. When it takes 12 or more hours to cross the Atlantic, or say 6 hours to move troops for an attack or defense, this makes the game drag.

      Civilian Cap Removal: I think this is a BIG mistake. It blows the game wide open. In theory, a player could have hundreds of explores and settlers out there completely out numbering the military. This makes the game totally unrealistic. BRING BACK THE CIVILIAN CAPS!!!
    • Yeah I mean, the game is still good, don't get me wrong. But such drastic changes really have made the game extremely dynamic. I mean for ex. releasing the limiter completely on civilian caps is probably overkill. Also I feel a lot of the features changes were rushed. If it was just one change at a time, it would have been beneficial both to the developers as well as player.
    • After playing for 12 days, I can easily say that the biggest limitation I had before the update was with Administrators. By day 8 my military was maxed out at 60 of 60, I had plenty of resources except food, and I was playing day by day waiting on more administrators. They have been the biggest restriction in the games I started playing. I read the thread posted regarding favorite units, and thought that mine is the administrator. My whole game is being slowed down by my inability to covert provinces fast enough. So what did I do? I decided to give the game a chance and see how it progressed.

      Now the caps are gone altogether. Yes it was drastic, but I am finally free to play. Because my games are new, I have since run out of money and manpower. In essence the rush on civilians units is already over for me. So balance has been restored. Now I can create a few administrators and get them ready before I make an attack. The game is much more fun, and so, so much easier to manage around sleeping and work. Before the update, the entire game was centered on my lack of Administrators, now it is flowing smoother without all the frustration.

      Part of the problem as I see it, is that in advanced games people apparently have accumulated a massive amount of money and resources, such that with the caps removed, the dam has burst and a flood has come forth causing havoc. Perhaps, as more people start new games, and the river flows without having been dammed up, then the sudden chaos won't occur. Give it a chance, Please! May I say, this is supposed to be Beta, so why all the "crying" over a single game. I'm a little irritated, so I decided to speak up.

      Having said that, I think we should try it a while and see how it works. Perhaps we need more adjustments. Nonetheless, like many of you, I was surprised with the amount of changes that came all at once. It was a big change all at once. Should the majority of players want the caps returned, I would hope they would be expanded. Maybe double what they were before.
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    • I agree with Eljic- first check the changes, how do they influence our gameplay and then give feedback
      I do not have to much time so I preffer slower pace of game but I wont say straight away that the changes are bad despite I feel game will require more time from me. After 3-4 weeks I can give my oppinion when I am sure what I am writing about

      Panta Rhei

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    • The caps are gone ... crazy through the roof, up to 1k admins and colonists. This means, to stay ahead of the AI, i too have to spam out admins and colonists like crazy. Unfortunately, i have this thingy called "life", dragging me away from the game every few hours. I still have no clue how this is going to work out, but i'm pretty sure this game has just stopped being a nice entertainment for the casual "check my empire after work" playing family father... you know, if you can't play from work, that's 480 minutes without clicking "produce", and if your wife demands you to stay in bed after sex, that'll throw your empire behind even further... yes, between two new colonists, there are 59 seconds to answer my son some question about his homework, but one question leads to the other, oh my, again there's an idle university, an idle admin, some clicks to keep the game going...

      ...I'll give it a try, but i've played enough games that are incompatible with family life to read the signs on the wall once i encounter another one of this specimen.
    • Hint: We offer a premium account for people with less time. With that you can put units into a build queue, so you can order multiple units at once.

      But in newly created games you should not have the issue anymore. Currently you can build so many administrators because you saved alot of resources. In new rounds this will happen more fluidly over the course of a game.
    • It is day 4 of a new game for me with the new changes - my persona impresions :

      1. Ar first i was scared about the cap dat was removed - scared that will ruin the game and i almost wanted to post on a topic i saw on the forum that i want it back BUT after 4 days in a new world i like it - it makes the game more fun and free for me .

      2. Not sure about the science tree this is a place where after this 4 days i still did not fill attached with it but before i judge it i will try to play some more days to see how it will change my gameplay and fillings .
    • Why are there caps on any units? Isn't it enough that they require upkeep and a resource that is in short supply (manpower). To get manpower you need to spend manpower upgrading cities/colonies. There are already so many impediments to maintaining a large (or even small) army, what is the point of the cap?

      I feel like I hardly have any units, but producing more, cuts down on my manpower production. Even then, I have researched a few cap level bumps and am still closing in on the cap.

      Why do monuments exist? Is it not enough that you get more VP for holding more territories or upgrading cities? Each player starts with 10 provinces. If they never took anything and never even went to war they could win by just building monuments. Does that make any sense? Is this a war game or not? They wouldn't even need to max out monuments to win because the provinces themselves are worth VP's. Then you have trading posts giving VP's too.

      On day 9 at daychange, of my first game, I already have 212 VP with <1300 VP to go. I think I will finish getting the (only 30%) VP's needed to end it long before the game gets interesting. I have taken very little of the map and have not built any monuments or trading posts.

      I'm wondering if the VP system is just bad all together. Why not have the game end when all other players are dead or inactive?

      It might also be a lot more interesting if some CPU players were aggressive. If they attacked human players or other CPU players alike, it would add an interesting element to the game that would make every round unique.

      Another problem I see is the daily drain of resource and manpower production at settlements. It seems to me there is a loss of about 3% per day in all varieties of production. Perhaps there is some reason for the drain but it appears to me the reason should not be a secret. For some reason, my territories don't seem as adversely effected as some of my opponents or computer players. I think I am less effected because of my play style. I am looking at other active players and thinking I won't even have to take them out, they are likely to get swallowed up by, what I suspect is, "game balancing". In other words, in a few turns they will have more troops than they can support. I don't think they have a lot of troops. They have as many as I do which is not much. They just aren't developing their territories and this slow daily whittling away at their ability to support them is going to catch up with them.

      Are you ever going to keep track of wins? This was a major flaw in COW as well. As my professors taught us in my major at college, which was basically a major in making things efficient, "If you want performance to improve, keep score".

      I am glad you are putting work into this game. I think it has a lot of potential. But as is, I feel like you will not have many customers pretty quickly. In the mean time, until you have everything worked out, I suspect you should stress that this is only a beta.

      My proposal
      -Get rid of all unit caps.
      -Get rid of monuments or give them some sort of function that has nothing to do with VP's. Maybe, a guaranteed 100% morale. Or just some immunity from lower levels to negative effects on morale and at max level give them complete immunity. In other words, 3 levels, level-1. 15% morale bump, 2. 30% moral bump, 3, guaranteed 100% morale for that province along with the normal morale bleed to nearby provinces. Destroyed completely on conquest. Because in late game, the leader might be getting attacked by and attacking everyone.
      -Don't give VP's for trading posts.
      -Make a new game type "deathmatch" or make all games that way with the option to retire and take your current ranks.
      -Keep track of wins.
      -Keep track of % in battle ranking. In other words, if 10 players join, the last standing gets 100%, the others get a percentage based on their overall size or VP at the height of their empire. 2nd place would get 90%, third would get 80% and so on. This would give players incentive to stay alive and produce even in a loss. It would give them incentive to be careful. It would make rushing a dangerous strategy. Then, weight that average based on the number of players. Keep that number in statistics. Everyone would have room to improve. They could see and be inspired to keep working to better themselves and get that win and ranking percentage up.

      i.e. If I were to achieve 300 VP, then get taken out, and only one other player got more VP than me besides the winner, I would still get 2nd place.
      -Keep track of player kills. If one player takes out another, make note of it in statistics along with the sum of all players killed. Even name each player killed by name in statistics. This would help to prevent multi-accounting or wolfpacking. It would also provoke wars between the more aggressive players as they might try to steal each other's kills. It would make players, concerned with their kill statistic be more careful to make sure they can do it themselves.
      -cap the negative effects of morale at 3 or 4 wars so players can't nuke another player by each declaring war and making a single attack. Or better yet, make each new war impact morale less in addition to a cap at 5 or 6.
      -make the morale hit for war less for the countries attacked than the attacker.

      i.e. morale hit for 1 war as attacker = 6. Morale hit for 1 war as defender = 3. Morale hit for 2nd war as attacker = 5, but for defender = 2. 3rd attacker 4 defender 1. All additional wars attacker is hit for 3 morale and defenders can be in as many wars as they want with no additional morale hits for additional wars. This would make attackers need to either keep their wars few in number or build up their provinces with morale boosters.
      -make colonial troops the equal or near equal of mainland troops but only allow them to be produced in colonies. Players would be more likely to want colonies, to have a more varied force.

      Because that would be fun
    • oh, and also make resources randomly generated at the beginning of every round. Either that or don't allow a country selection option or else players will learn which countries have good setups and which don't. Each country should start with a minimum number of the essential resources and have the rest of their resources randomly generated.

      I.e. Capital level 8 goods in a fixed location.
      1 of each food/minerals/goods/rawmat
      Rest random with one of them level 7(the level 7 should be random too).
    • Vigor555 wrote:

      Why do monuments exist? Is it not enough that you get more VP for holding more territories or upgrading cities? Each player starts with 10 provinces. If they never took anything and never even went to war they could win by just building monuments. Does that make any sense? Is this a war game or not? They wouldn't even need to max out monuments to win because the provinces themselves are worth VP's. Then you have trading posts giving VP's too.
      As well as your intentions are had you stopped to think Interesting this is not your everyday war game. Then had you understood its maybe more of an exploration, colonization, societal advancement game, then you might realize what all those things you want to eliminate are for.

      Feel free to seek out your typical conquer the world game format as you probably played dozens of them and you move on to the next & next, why keep changing could be its boring, conquer and destroy do it over and over.

      Get into an active game where often the super warrior is first to be eliminated.
    • I'm in an active game. Its day 9. I could finish this in no time. I could finish this without fighting anyone. I could finish this before it would even be fun. I already told one player I don't intend to attack him or the player he is afraid of because it is the first game for all of us and I'd rather they learn the game.

      But you are right on one thing. I have played many games. Some of those ideas I mentioned are adaptations of the longest running active game I have ever played. It maintained a large community for a long time because it was a good game.

      It comes down to the simple fact that in order for this game to be profitable with an active community, it needs to be fun.

      If they don't want a war game, they shouldn't market it as a war game.

      The super warrior is generally the one who builds and advances his society, who just happens to not be bad at war too. Then there are usually a mob of risk takers who play thumb war to see who wins when there is no super warrior in the round. And they generally stroke their egos by taking out sim city players who have no idea how to fight.